Saturday, 29 August 2009

Oh Good God!!!!

Would people kindly stop ramming God down my throat?

I never once said that I don't believe in God, I only have to look at the picture above to see Gods presence on Earth. Or look at my kids to know of miricles.

What I do say is that I don't believe in the Bible and it's teachings.

I can hear a huge collective intake of breath and while I really mean on offense to anyone, my beliefs are my beliefs, just as yours are your beliefs.

I would not be so rude as to question another persons belief in their God or in the way that they honour their God or worship to their God.
I simply believe that a persons relationship with God is personal and intimate.

Because I don't believe the way another does, does that make me a terrible person.

I don't steal, bully, be unkind, hurt people. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated.
I am a good friend to my friends and attempt every day to be kind and considerate to others.
I have raised a great family, taken in kids that needed help and cared for them as I have my own.
None of my kids have ever been in trouble with the law, I have never had to get them out of a police station for bad behaviour.

I am not in the habit of treating my fellow humans badly.

I am not perfect, but I do try hard and do my best for others.

So when some numpty twit knocks on my door on a Saturday and tells me how I am going to hell for my lack of grace towards God, I do find it hard not to knock them out.
As for saying that my kids will go to hell as well, all I can say is they are lucky to have escaped with a "get off my door step before I knock you out"

They are also very lucky that my eldest son Ashley was in the house, as he knowing his mother well; and knowing that people really should not carp on about God to me and my kids in the same sentence stepped in to deal with it, gently telling me to go and put the kettle on.

I then heard him say " So according to you, my mother, brother, sister and I will all go to hell, because we don't attend church or follow the bible and that your God will punish us all, but mostly mum for not taking us and going herself"

"Well put simply, Yes" came the reply; I sort of knew what would come next and it was no surprise to me.

"Just so you know, our Mother is Jewish and proud of that fact; and has taught us about Judaism. She sent us to Catholic schools, where we learn of God and his teachings, she also taught us about Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, We went to a Church of England Sunday school for years and attended a Church of England play center after school, so that we could have a different point of view. We learned about the Amish, the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews.
We know about Taoism, Methodists, Jehovah Witnesses, Greek Orthodox, Paganism.
In fact truth be told, we properly know about more religious teaching than the narrow field you are trying to hem us into. If your God is all seeing, all knowing, then he knows that my mother has given us choices and taught us well. If your God wants to send her to hell then frankly there is something very wrong with your God. My mother is a good woman who does her best for everyone around her, just ask her family and friends and to be honest your God would be lucky to have her, it's not as though yours is the only way to live. I personally don't want a God that can't see past the end of his own nose, now good day to you and please don't call here again, as it has been a struggle to be polite to you and I have no desire to loose my temper with one of Gods messengers. Although I doubt very much he would be happy about the way you are spreading the word."

With that he gently shut the door in their face, turned to me winked and said "Don't just stand there with your mouth open woman, where's me cuppa tea?"

Oh how I love that son of mine.


  1. Amen Ashley, your mom has raised a smart man!

  2. Would it be impolite to hug that young man of yours?

    Well said.

    ((((((((( the son ))))))))))

    (((((((((((the mom)))))))))))

    Pshaw to them! ;-)

  3. Hallelujha and respect !!!!!.XXXX

  4. Lia, oh Lia, I absolutely love you!


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