Saturday, 26 September 2009

Last Weekends Events!

I don't know when I became the target of hate that I seem to be from the oh so wonderful next door neighbours, at #81.
I have lived here for 13yrs and at times it has been unbearable.
There is no end to the misery that this sorry excuse for a human wishes to inflict on me, my family, my friends and my neighbours.

The rest of us just live here very quietly, getting by and along with each other. I can't say that we are a close neighbourhood, my take on that it is because of the family at #81 that we are like that.

However he has made a big mistake this time. For years myself and family have been the main target of his...hatred, there's no other word for it and I could write a book on the abuse we have had to take. Don't think I haven't complained, about #81, trust me I have, but he always states that we are racists and the council say that black people can not be racist to white people, that racism only goes one way, So he shouts racist and the authorities back off.

Now this neighbourhood is a mixed one and we have mixed race families living here, all of whom we get on with. Last week he attacked 6 families on the street, when we all got together to sort out our cars and the damaged done we looked like an advert for the United Colours Of Benetton.
Everyone like me has never done this sorry excuse for a man any harm whatsoever.
Yet we find ourselves the target of his irrational behaviours. Our car was the worst hit, which to me proves how much he hates me and mine.

Here's what happened
On Friday we packed up our car and headed up north to Nutty's house for the weekend at about 4.30. The boys stayed at home. We took my car, as it is our nicest one and Francis (with an i) put his car in my normal parking spot. I must stress that there are no designated parking spots, most of us have worked out where we park and as the road is tiny (we have to park half on and half off the pavement or cars can't pass)
So to make space for the others we just move the cars depending on what one we are taking.
Obviously we came right home when we got the news.

What happens next is mind is an email I got from my neighbour.


At 05.00 hrs I heard a scuffling of feet. I looked out the window a couple of times still saw nobody. Then about 05.08 I heard the sound of air coming from Francis tire. I rushed down with the dog. And found Donavan walking up ramp dressed in black holding a screw driver in hand. He started mumbling words at Me as I walked to green. Its obvious He let tire down. I went back upstairs, didn’t know what to do. Phoned Francis no answer. Had to come down and knock on door which I done several times. Donavan was standing at His door, He SAID “ I’M STILL GOING TO GET YOU, MY TIME IS COMING, REMEMBER I HAVE LIVED HERE A LONG TIME, AND LIVE HERE AND DOWN AT GRIFFIN ROAD. All the time I insisted I didn’t want to talk to Him. I didn’t know what to do. I came back upstairs, and knocked on your window with a stick.

His wife Linda was standing at the door, I DID’NT KNOW WHAT TO DO. WHETHER TO CALL THE POLICE OR NOT. HE TOLD ME MY CARDS ARE MARKED. I’M FRIGHTENED LIA. As he walked away he said don’t mess with the rasta, and through some drink over Francis's car. He then drove of slowly. After about five minutes his son got in the car and drove of very sheepishly.

I am seriously frightened living here now Lia, having been awake, sitting on My computer, by the window i expect he thought i was up.

Lia my cards are now marked forever living here, I’m now a witness, especially after my tires got slashed. It’s probably lucky i came down when i did or Francis would have had more than one tire slashed.

What do We do now, if He knows I have told You, which He must as I was banging on Your door really loud.

I’m scared Lia, can’t cope with this bad Karma..

Going to bed now, call Me when You get this message.


Attached were these photos.

There are worse photo's but it is too upsetting to post them and keep looking at them.
The drink that he threw over the car was some sort of corrosive (my boys washed it off as they eventually woke up and went out to Shaun) and has, while not peeled the paint off left white marks all over the car. Which we can't get off or T cut out. He also tried to force the drivers side lock. And smashed a headlight.
All told we have £1200 worth of damage to the car.

It wasn't just our car, he came back after that and did another 5 cars on the street, we think this was to cover his tracks. We have another guy on the street who is also Rastafarian and he has had the finger pointed at him by the family at #81, this man has never bothered the neighbours and is a very nice man. In fact it was the first thing they said to anyone that Saturday morning.

The man at #81 has been arrested and is on bail, but part of his bail conditions are that he is not allowed on the street. This has been the quietest week I have ever spent here. (I bloody well hope it is for ever.)

I have to say that the Police have been great, but I don't hold out getting the council to deal with this family, while all the neighbours are now banded together and up in arms and firmly believing that this will be an end to it all now, I have had 13yrs of dealing with the council over this family and call me a cynic, but I very much doubt it.

There is a silver lining in all this, due to the amount of damage to so many cars there are now 4 cameras pointed at the street filming 24/7. Including ours, which we brought last Sunday. So now, the sorry pathetic excuse for a human and his rotten to the core family can't make a move on the street without being picked up by the cameras and we have made sure that they
all over lap, that way he would be picked up by at lest 2 at any given angle.
Oh boy do they not like it, the rest of us are very happy about it and the police have been seen what we have all done and approve of it all.

I couldn't care anyless about how the family at #81 feel about the cameras, as I feel it is their turn to be uncomfortable on the street, after all they have ruled the street for years and made life hard for us all, but especially me and mine.

It's called Karma and I'm loving it.

By the way if anyone wants an article on how to turn your web cam into a CCTV, go here.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Good Morning World

I have had a bad weekend and am too annoyed to talk about it now.
But it involves the bad neighbour and the Police and our car being damaged.
So to start the week off I thought I would ease us all into the week gently.

This is one of my favourite you tubes. Enjoy and here's to a good week.

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