Friday, 3 July 2009

4th July Greetings.

To all my American friends and blog buddies,
I hope you all have a great day and enjoy yourselves with your family and friends.
Much love to you all xxxxx

The Most Beautiful House In The World.

I use to be lucky enough to get to travel to America and I have to say that had I known that this house existed I would have marched right on in there, taken up squatters rights and never have left without a fight.

So I guess it's just as well that I never knew about it, or I would be in a whole heap of goo!!!!!

Frank Lloyd Wright speaks to my heart, in fact he speaks to my soul.
I was desperate to be an architect, but this was back in the days when your folks told you what to do and I simply wasn't allowed. I have thought long and hard about becoming one since and it is often popped into my head that I really should do it.

However; real life has always got in the way and while I do understand how a building components work and marry up to each other and I have worked on many of this Countries great buildings, it really is no help to me and every time I have applied for university, it has been the time and expense that has stopped me from being able to complete. It takes an age to study and is so expensive, because of the amount of time it takes.

Oh well maybe in my next life.

Here's a couple of YouTube's about it, one is a tour and talk about it the other is an animated film of it being built

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Introducing Bear.

Following on from my weather report ha ha. I found these on my camera, they were taken on 15/06/09, the day we went to Hastings.

This is Bear, he's our stray cat friend, and so very wild. He turned up in our garden last summer, I feed a family of foxes, I have done for years and it gives me great joy. So every night I would put food out on the deck and the family would come to have tea. I will tell you about Mensa the fox one day soon, he's a member of our fox family and very smart hence the name Mensa. Bear would wait in the bushes until they were done and then come and fed, so I started to feed him as well.

So it was about this time last year that I first noticed Bear, he's a real tomcat, still got his bits in the gentleman's department, so he's heavy weight and tough as old boots, although Misty has bopped him a few times, but hey! it is her garden, so she is entitled to be a bit put out by him; he has certainly learnt some manners in the last year, well he needed to, all that hissing and spitting and that was just at me. Misty has taught him a few manners.

Well slowly over the last year I have got a bit closer and he now comes up to the patio doors and I have just started to be able to stroke him, although he does still flinch a bit and sometimes he hisses at me, but not often now, as I tend to take his food away if he does hiss at me and wait till he calms down, before I give it back. He turns up nearly every day and often stays for a while, lying near the patio door, I think he likes the company at times.

You may wonder why he is called Bear, well for a start he is very muscular and has huge shoulders (from fighting I suppose) and he swaggers when he walks. I was going to call him Teddy, because if you look at his cute little face his eyes are rather close together like a Teddy bear. However the men of the family said that to call a big,wild, swaggering, henchman of a cat Teddy was deeming to him, hence the name Bear, much more macho according to the men of the family.

I am hoping that during this summer and the autumn that I will be able to tame him a bit more, as I would happily take him in, but he still has away to go in the manners department, although he and Misty are now getting on better and have stopped sniping at each other, they actually lay fairly close together and Misty will tolerate him,but is quick to let him know she is still top cat in this household.

This was Bear in the snow we had early this year, he wouldn't come near the house in those days, but I managed to coax him into sleeeping in our shed.

British Weather (summer)

I do so love the summers here in Britain, always a time of contrasts.

These were taken in the evening of the day we went to Hastings (15/06/09) and the hail stone strom was taken on Saturday (27/06/09)

Beautiful Weather

It would appear from this picture that this is where all the wood nymphs go during the hot weather, can't say I blame them. I have a yearning for the beach myself.

Funny thing about the weather in this Country, we seem to get a few days of great weather and then it rains, now I don't mind that, to be honest. When the 2 older kids were small, before the youngest arrived, we lived in Spain ( no regrets in life me, I don't do them, but I do sometimes think maybe we should have stayed oh well!) and the thing I missed the most was the weather, that never really knowing what the skies would throw at you feeling, despite what the weather people have to say.

Funny how by the third day people are being grumpy, because it's too hot or too wet.

Billy Connolly says that in this country there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes for the weather we are having.

My next post will be about some of the amazing weather we have had of late, am going off to find the camera, as there are some good photos on it.

Enjoy the weather, it'll rain soon and we'll all be wishing it was warm again.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett
2/2/1947 - 25/06/2009

In memeory of a woman whose beauty I very much admired.

May she rest in peace.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

May Contain Nuts.

I munched my way through a bag of Sainsbury's macadamia nuts today.
While wantonly scoffing them..oh I do so love them and don't buy them often, as I am too greedy for them, if I ever find them with chocolate on them I will sell my soul to the devil for a bag ha! ha!

So anyway, there I was munching away, when I mindlessly started to read the back of the packet and there under the heading of 'Allergy Advice' it stated contains NUTS. Not suitable for peanut allergy suffers,due to the methods used in the manufacture of this product.

Umm I think the clue that it contains nuts is in the title of the product, yet another example of the nanny state.

Moon Beauty

I found this today, it cheered me up for a moment.
I adore the colours in it and the woman's illumined beauty.
Mind you, while she is really beautiful, I wouldn't want her ears. ha ha ha
But I'd happily have her ears if they came with her figure.
Oh so shallow Lia!

I Never Said I Was Perfect pt3

Oh my gosh, I seriously doubt this will ever end. Here's the latest twist.

I have been a member of a forum for a little over a year now, I have made some great friends and learnt so much and have overall enjoyed the whole experience.
It is in fact where I found my unstable friend, but it's not the forums fault, they are a really nice bunch in there.

I went in most days and became very friendly, interacting with people and generally messing about like an over grown kid, it was a happy and comfortable place to be.
My daughter recently joined and Frances joined a few months back, while I posted heaps they tended to read it and post a little, in fact Patricia, had to my knowledge barely posted.

Well yesterday,I went to log in to find that I was banned, with a note telling me it was because I was a bully, then Frances did the same and got the same response, next was my girl, you guessed it, her as well.
I contacted another on-line friend who is on this forum site and she was told that I was bullying the unstable woman and that was why I was banned and that it was related to my unstable friend. Yet I haven't posted in there for 23 days.

So that, that then another stab in the back and there was me trying to work out whether or not I was in the wrong and had caused her to have a breakdown.
This unstable woman, also MSNed one of my on line buddies and told her I was a bully, when the friend replied "your wrong" the unstable woman came back with "we were friends before you knew her, before you ever met" it was at this point that my online friend decided to block her, that and the line about how I had ruined her life and she was going to kill herself, as that appears to be what I wanted.

I want the madness to end, this is personal now, my character does not need to be trashed anymore. Whose bulling who here!!!!!!

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