Thursday, 18 June 2009

Great News

We have just received some really great news.

Ok, to be honest, we expect we got it a few days ago, but as we have only just got round to opening the post, we have only just found this out.

Basically, we have had a letter from the mortgage company telling us that the part of our mortgage that was 'fixed rate' has now come an end.

As a result on the 1st of July our mortgage will change to follow the Bank of England base rate, which means our repayments will drop by just a little under half.

Which in turns means my beloved Frances will now be able to go back to having weekends off, instead of only Sundays...whoop!!!

Photo is of the Bank of Englands front doors, wish I had the key....but I'll settle happily for getting to pay less and more time with Fances......priceless.

An Angel For Jake.

My youngest came in from college today and asked "How's Jake doing?".

Now Jake is the son of a blog buddy and I follow his progress on Jake's Rehabilitation.
Silly lad went and smashed himself up very badly, while messing about on his BMX with friends, ruddy kids, you think you can take your eye off the ball 'cos they are grown and big and then they go and do something daft....Oh well!!! boys will be boys.

Well today, young Jake is up for surgery, so while he will be out of it, Mom and Dad will be wearing grooves in the carpet, with all that pacing back and forth.

We're asking the Angel's to keep Jake safe, please, just send a little prayer to your God and Angels for Jake's safe recovery.

Ashley, my eldest maintains that she is a sight for sore eyes and his eyes will want to get better so he can see her, he also wishes you luck Jake.

Our thoughts are with you, all xxx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hastings...part 4

This is the cute little train that runs along part of the sea front, I have lost count of the amount of times I have been on it, well the kids were little once. Having said that I was very very tempted another go!!!!!!!

Obviously, it's a very dangerous train...eek!!!!

I am hoping that this will make my blog buddies Dave 'n' Mark, laugh!!!!

Misty...our owner

....................................I is doing the laundry, mum.!!!!................................................

This is the very beautiful Misty, she owns us and we are very lucky to be owned by her.
My youngest Callum, brought her home when he was about 4ish (none of us can remember exactly, due to the fact we never thought she would stay).

Misty arrived as a feral cat, hissing and spitting at every thing and every one, I still bear the scars from her. Anyway she stayed with us and is like me getting old now.

Misty has become much more friendly with age, but has never been a lap cat, in all the years we have shared our home with her she has never sat on my lap once.
The only person who can do absolutely any thing with her is my Callum, they adore each other.
Misty is not allowed to sit on the furniture, unless her blanket is down, but some times she is cheeky, like in the above photo.

Oh and so you all know, that isn't my washing on the sofa, I was doing a neighbours, whose machine had broken down, I hope no one is allergic to cats in the neighbours house, tee hee!!!!!!

Hastings.... part 3....Seagulls

Now I know seagulls are not every ones favorite birds, they're not even mine, but in some ways I do think they get a bit of a bad press. One of the things I like about Hastings is the gulls and I can say with hand on heart, that I have never had a bad encounter with the gulls of Hastings, whether they are just well behaved or well fed, because of the fishermen who work on the shore line I don't know, but they have always been well behaved, even my children have never been attacked by them.

This one was up on the top of the cliffs and the photo really doesn't show you just how big he was. His feet were as big as the palm of my hands, he was magnificent and stayed with us for some time. I think he was hoping I would fed him, but we didn't have anything with us for him, although he did enjoy a Haribo, that took him a nano second to swallow, I'm really not proud of myself feeding him junk food, what was I thinking.

This, I am pleased to say is not my car, not because it is a Honda, but because it has a ruddy great big seagull on it, basically ANYWHERE is a perch for the gulls.

I was just thinking about the sounds of Hasting, the little fair ground noises, the miniature trains mini rumblings, the sea crashing against the shore, the rolling sound of the pebbles as the surf pulls them back down the beach, so the sea can reclaim them, the sounds of laughing people having fun, the children yelling and squealing with the delights of a day by the sea, are all part of the orchestra of Hastings, but the lead is the calling of the gulls, I love their sound.

Hastings part 2

(click on image to enlarge)

I did warn you that I might bore you all some more with my ramblings about Hasting.

I thought you might like to see this sweet little garden, one of many that can be found in and around Hastings, but this one is in the old town and rather sweet.
I'd love to recreate it in my own garden, well I use the term lightly, more a weed patch this year.

Monday, 15 June 2009


I had a great day today, as I got to spend it with my most beloved Frances, in one of
our favorite places on the south coast of England...Hastings.

We love it there, to be honest I was meant to be taking him to work and then heading off to Brighton, another town on the south coast.
I like Brighton, it's a very lively place, however Hastings has always had my heart.
I have many a happy childhood memory of being in Hastings with my Grandparents.

We were on track to make it on time, however when we got to the M25 motorway, (or as I like to call it the M25 car park) We discovered that we would be in a massive traffic jam as there had been a major crash at junction 6 and we were only at junction 2, we know the M25 well, having spent years driving it, so after a little chat we came off and headed for Hasting instead.

Frances took a little persuading, he's our main bread winner these days, working long hours, 6 days aweek and is very serious about bringing home our bacon, but after not moving for over twenty minutes and realising this was only going to get worse, as more traffic joins the M25 at other junctions, he rather fancied Hasting his self. Which I was glad of, as he needed some time away from all his normal pressures.

We hit Hastings about 9:15am, parked at my favorite carpark, right at the bottom by the fishing huts. We then had a leisurely breakfast and strolled around, climbing up the hills to the top of the cliffs, then we bimbled about the old town, which spreads up into the cliffs and back down into the old town and the wonderful old shops there, then back to the beach. We had glorious weather and as we were still fairly full from breakfast, we were very naughty and had only ice cream for lunch....tee hee.

All the time we were bimbling, we took a lot of photos, a few of which you can view in this post, but way to many to load up now, I expect I will bore you with them later in the week,lol.

It was a great day at *work*.....,just as well we are self-employed, no boss to get mad at us. Great food, glorious weather, favorite town, ice cream for lunch, but best of all the company of my beloved, what more does a girl need.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Who You Looking At?

Step back about few paces about 2metres.

Who do you see?
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