Thursday, 1 April 2010

Nutty As A Chocolate Cake.

Hello Again My Lovelies,

It would appear that blogger has heard my moaning and sorted itself out.
I'm going to catch up with you all over the Easter weekend as we have nothing planned.
Thankfully Francis has the whole 4 days off. I say thankfully as he has been working really hard and has been doing 6days a week since Christmas. It's 23:10 and he is flaked out next to me fast asleep. He needs this time off. Tomorrow I am taking him to my gym in order to use the spa, he doesn't know and I am cooking him breakfast in bed, so long as he stays in bed that is.
We don't normally roll our blind down and shut the curtains but I have tonight as I don't want him waking up at first light.

See the cake at the top of the post. Nutty made it and send me the photo stating that was meant to be for Sunday lunch but that she doubted it would make that long. I think she is trying to tease me with it. If she's not careful I will drive the 2 hours up the motorway just to have a slice.
If your reading this Nutty remeber that I can get past your dogs Mwhahaha!!!!!!!

Speaking of recipes, I think I might have perfected the bacon egg cheese cupcake things.
I made them again and they went down very well, so I will put them up tomorrow with photos for you all to enjoy.
As for the polenta pizza crust I haven't done that yet, but the boys have asked for it this weekend so I will get that one to you as well. But I just want to try it one more time before I give you that one.

I have been swimming this week and increased my laps to 30 now. It's going better than I thought and I am noticing a difference in my shape. For a start it's not such a struggle to actually get into my swim costume. It was a wee-bit tight, well ok it was a lot tight, but as it is the biggest one I own (I have 3) and didn't require a shoe-horn and a tub of butter it get into it's the one I am using. No way was I going to buy another even bigger one!!! Anyway this week I have noticed that it is going on easier. I'm not one for mirrors, haven't been for years (the having no hair thing is just to hard to look at.) But I did get some photos of me at the start and I compare them this week in the mirror and thigs definately look better.

I found a new pair of trousers that I brought in September and when I got home they were to tight, so I shoved them away. I got them out this week and found that they are now too big for me and keep falling down, so I will need to take them in. Had to buy some new undies as well as they keep falling down. So while my weight hasn't changed much I have gone down a dress size.
I hope to drop another one before summer really kicks in as I have some great dresses that I would love to get into again.

One last thing, the boiler blew up!!!!!
No heating and no hot water for at least two weeks. Plumbers are like looking for rocking horse poo and about as useless. The house is freezing downstairs as it is mostly open plan, not a good idea when you have no heating. We have electric back up radiators for upstairs, so we are all mostly upstairs at the moment. We are having to go to friends and family for showers and baths. I'm ok as I go to the gym, but it's annoying the hell out of the boys. Washing up is a nightmare ( I refuse to have a dish washer, long boring story).
Suddenly when you can't just turn the taps on you become very aware of how much water you really do use. I feel a little guilty to be honest, suddenly it seems really selfish to have the luxury of just turning a tap, when so many in the world have to struggle.

Will catch up with you all soon, I have missed you all.
Much love

Monday, 29 March 2010

No Wonder Others Are Moving!!!!

Hello Lovelies,

I am fed up with blogger, it's driving me nuts and it would appear that I am not the only one. A few log buddies have move their blogs to other sites for similar reasons and I don't think at this rate I will be far behind them.

You see the reason that I haven't put a post up for a few days is that I have been unable to, due to some stupid glitch. Not content with that, but I am having trouble even seeing some of your posts and when I do get into them most of the photos are missing.

I don't even have any idea if this post will get out to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haven't done much at all this weekend.
I did do some messing about with recipes, but as I am perfecting them it is pointless to go into to many details as yet.

First recipe is a polenta pizza, (or cornmeal to my American friends) I have made the base for the pizza's 3 different ways now. The first two goes were ok but not quiet what I was looking for and this led to me taking the best bits of the two recipes and working with them to perfect the crust. Still a little more work to do till it is right and I can boost about it to you all.

Also been making a baked egg, cheese and bacon dish that you bake in cupcake tins, had a go at two of those, but can't decide which is the best recipe to share. The boys love them (Francis, Ashley and Callum), but the jury is out on which are the best ones. Also as it was a bit of an adhoc recipe, a little of this, a bit of that and was adapted from a recipe that I considered too expensive, it too could also need a bit of a tweak.

I am going to make both of the recipes again this week and get the boys to compare. Plus I could do with getting the right quantities written down before I share. Don't want you to be disappointed with the result should you want to try them. Got some great photos that blogger won't let me load. So not a lot of point trying to put up either recipe at this time.

I am beginning to understand why people keep leaving blogger to set up elsewhere.
I have tried to load this a few times now...oh this is nuts will try one more time.

Much love to you all, hope you get to see this.
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