Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Hello Blog Buddies, one and all.

Well I'm still alive, however, due to building this oh so silly web site of mine I now have no hair, having pulled out what little I have and no finger nails, due to chewing them off. Last time I did that I was leaving my alcoholic husband!

Oh! OK, I do still have my little bit of hair, am not so insane yet that I really have started to rip out my hair, but it is true about the lack of finger nails.

In general, I would put biting your own finger nails up there with smoking, as one of those stupid things that people do to them selves. Yes! I was a smoker; plus a nail-biter, but I gave them both up years ago. Actually about the same time I gave up the alcoholic husband, funny that!!!

Well that was until I started with this web building program. (not sunk so low as to smoke..YET).
It speaks with a forked tongue when I do something on one page, it then alters things on other pages I have already done.
I would put web building up there with the frustration you feel when you can't stop a baby from crying, even though you have done everything to soothe the baby.

This has not been the best week, for me either. I have become almost inhuman in my attempt to build this stupid thing....yes! yes! I know it will be worth it...eventually and all this moaning will become something to laugh at, but right now it's a nightmare and I am hating it.
I realise now why people pay other people to do them for them. Should have thought of that before I ran out of money. Oh well hindsight is a great thing.

The house looks like an A-bomb went off in it and I am not even getting the basics done.
I have spent the last two days in my pj's.......oh gosh, I so shouldn't have confessed to that.
I haven't made my bed in days and I can't actually remember the last time I left the house.
Unless ofcourse you include going into the garden (wearing said pj's and screaming your head off). Bad enough that the neighbours already think I'm a freak, what with not really getting involved with them, keeping our selves to our selves, not taking the rubbish that one of them throws at us all lying down; like the rest of the street, no hair, a younger partner and an assortment of weird hippy friends and a ton of very Jewish brothers doesn't already make me seem a freak to the neighbours. Do you know for years they thought I was a lesbian prostitute, because I had no hair, which to them makes me a butch lesbian and my brothers were the only men they saw come and go from the house, so they thought they were my clients.
You just couldn't make it up!!!! Well you could, but it wouldn't be as funny.
I mean where did they think I went to all day at 5:30am, when my child minder arrived, until 6pm, 5days a week.

On a lighter note, I now have 9 pages and 134 photo's loaded on to the site. The site has now gone live, however I can't find it ANYWHERE on the net, it's there the program tells me it's there......but the program speaks with a fork tongue remember. So I won't give you the address just yet. I mean if I can't find the front door to my little cyber shop, you'll be well lost in cyber space.
I know! I know! I could paste a link to it and bam, there you'll be, but I really need people to search for it. That way I know that complete strangers can find it.

Also on a lighter note, I went Greenwich market last week, lots of craft folk there and I meet some great people with good advice. Who were all very welcoming, plus I bumped into a guy I had met at another market who remembered me, it's nice when folk remember you and he introduced me to some people. On Friday, I am going back to spend some time with the other crafters. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that.
There is an amazing lady there called Agnus. I will keep you guessing about this lady, as I feel she deserves a post all of her own.

Well! my lovely blog buddies one and all, am off to carry on banging my head off a brick wall, Oh sorry! I mean web build.

Much love,

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Thanks For Every Thing Patrick.

Sad, sad news that Patrick Swayze has passed from us.
The photo above spent a number of months stuck to my fridge, not for any other reason other than it seemed so full of life and I liked the horse. But it is a nice photo of him all the same.
Every one always bleats on about his performance in Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Road Trip, but for me his best performance was in To Wong Foo -Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar.

But then that might be because I do have a love of men in drag. But that's another post.
Here's the trailer from the film,which I have to say I do have in my film collection and I simply adore. I watched it again this afternoon, funny thing is you can watch the whole film on YouTube.

There is a scene in the film near the end where Stockard Channings' character Carol Anne is saying goodbye to Patrick Swayzes' character Vida.

Carole Anne "I don't think of you as a man, I don't think of you as woman.
I just think of you as an angel"

It's a really sweet scene.
Here's the trailer to the film, if you have never seen it, treat yourself and watch it on YouTube just type in To Wong Foo 1 and it comes up in 10minute slots.

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