Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vajazzled !!!!!

Hello My lovelies,

Oh boy have I got a post for you today.
Believe it or not I was on a site looking for something completely different.
When I came across the word Vajazzled, being dyslexic this new word totally baffled me and at first I sat here for awhile trying to work out what the word even said, never mind meant.
Oh boy!! was I surprised when I went in search of answers.

In my search to find the answer I came across a couple of other articles that you can go and look at, just make sure that you are sitting down when you read them and don't be drinking any form of liquid like I was or you may end up like me having to clean your keyboard.

The 6 weirdest things women do to their vaginas.

Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about it here. by the way she has a book due out this month and the cynic in me thinks this is all a ploy to get sells for a book that is properly shite.

Also when looking around at this new and ridiculous craze I read one young women's comments where she had said
"This is really the modern form of feminism for my generation"

Yeah right, that's why the suffragettes marched on Downing Street and threw them selves under the King's horse on Derby day, that why my grandmother and mother fought so hard for you to have equal rights and that's why I went on demo's and stayed at peace camps through the winter and got myself arrested countless times, so you could get your fanny all sparkly. But it's ok 'cos they use Swarovski crystals, what next diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah modern feminism ROCKS!!!!! or maybe it just sparkles!!!!

Well, I'm off to bang my head on a brick wall and ask myself some very serious questions.
Much Love

Note- fanny over here in the UK means your vagina not your bottom. Just in case any of my American readers don't know that, only I am aware of the difference.
First time in America at 17, as I passed through the airport, a guy called out nice fanny at I turned on my heels and slapped his face, calling him a few unladylike names. Luckily another guy realised that we were lost in translation and step between us to explain. It's funny now.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Relax Boys! This Won't Hurt!!!!!!!!

Hello Darlings,
Yet another bright day in London, you'll all be pleased to know I made it out of bed today.
Sounds terrible doesn't it. I can only imagine what people who are reading my blog for the first time must make of that!!!! I like to imagine that I am so witty and intelligent that hundreds of people come here every day and read all about my funny, exciting and full life!!!
Yeah right but a girl can dream!!!!!

As you know my life is actually full of men, now that sounds even worse to a first time reader!!!!!
But as you know dear reader, they are but one, family members.
You who know me better, know how much I adore the opposite sex and the mad things they all get up to.

However there is a side to men that worries me a lot.
It is the subject of them going to the doctors when ill or for regular check ups. As we all know men are the worst for going to the doctors. Unless there is something sticking out of them or hanging off of them they just won't go. No matter what we women folk say to them and no matter how much they really know in their hearts and minds that they should go.

When ever a friend says she had to drag a man to the doctors this is the vision that I get.

Come on you know I am right.
Anyway being surrounded by so many men, I try my best to get them to go when they need to. I realise for men that going to the doctors is like admitting defeat. That some how they see it as a weakness within themselves and a failing. While we women seemingly just go off with a spring in our steps and a happily go lucky attitude to the whole undignified processes of getting a check up, we know secretly that it really isn't any easier for us to go.

It's not in my opinion that it is a case of we find it as women easier, I think it is more to do with that fact that we "know" that we will spend time having uncomfortable check ups. We know about it from a young age when we hear our mothers talking about it, when we become young women and talk to our friends and we sure as hell know about it when we get pregnant.
We talk, we learn, we laugh about it all, but we do it regardless of how uncomfortable we may feel at the time...we do it. Men are notoriously bad at talking about health issues, even to their closest friends, wives and family.

Recently I noticed that one of the older men in my family was having a problem, I won't go into details, I'll spare him his blushes. Upon suggesting he see a doctor for a prostate check up, you'd have thought I had asked him to run naked through the local gay club. I tried to joke about it all, to no avail and in my search for a way to get my message across I found this on you tube and sent it to him. It is 10 mins long but so very funny.

I think the script writers did a brilliant job of turning what is to men possibly the scariest examination they feel they could have to face. Every male should be made to watch this, so if you have a man in your life who is reluctant to go for this examination pass this on to them. After all the more we know and laugh at it, the less scary this will become for our men folk.
By the way, the man in question watched it and went to see his doctor and is perfectly ok. Again I will spare him his blushes and not tell you what the problem was, but he's fine.
I asked my boys if they knew about this examination and they both said they did. When I asked them rather surprised how they knew, the answer was because I had told them and talked them through work is done!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Buckle Up

Hello Darlings,

Beautiful spring day here in London, but I can only look at it from the window.
Oh well there will be other days when I am well enough to go out, just not today.

I found this today on a really lovely blog, that I stupidly lost. I did leave her a comment so I hope she pops by, as she did have a really nice blog.
Anyway on her blog she had found a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that is from the UK.
I did tell her that I had never seen it and that in fact we do have a couple of very graphic ones on TV right now about what happens to your internal organs when you are in a head on collision and not wearing your seat belt.

Watch this PSA, I promise there is no gore in it, but oh my is it powerful click here

I am a stickler for making people wear their seat belts, front and back of the car. I have refused to start the car until people do buckle up. I even once asked a friends sister to get a taxi cab, as she refused to buckle up. She didn't want to get her bloused creased and I didn't want her death on my hands should we have had a crash. Apart from anything else, it is the law in this country and there are very few exceptions to that law. In my car I am responsible for safe driving and getting you from A to B in a safe manner, but I don't have a crystal ball and while I have every intention of getting people there safely accidents do happen.

If I found my kids driving with out their seatbelts on, I would remove their keys and I don't care how old they are.
Please watch it, trust me it is amazing and no gore either.

Clunk, click every trip.

Much love

Monday, 1 March 2010

Language Barrier.

Hello My Darlings,

I'm stuck in bed today bored, bored, bored, funny really 'cos when I was working my backside off 6 days a week 16 hours a day there is nothing I would dream of more than time to lay around in bed all forward to now and I can, but not 'cos I want to. Life is never simple is it?

So stuck in bed I thought I would catch up on some shows that I have been meaning to watch.
One of them was about my beloved Spain.

Spain is always a sure fired way of cheering me up and making me feel good. One day I will get back.
One of the shows I caught was about British people leaving it all behind and going off to live in Spain and was in fact a return show to see how they had all got on.
It was 10 years since they had made the show and in all honesty they had all done well.
No surprises there then, as Spain has a wonderful way of embracing people who want to e self employed and go for it.

What was a shocker for me was that of all the people who went and there were 8 couples and 2 singles, so 18 people in total, only the singles had bothered to learn Spanish.
How can you move to a country that speaks another language to yours and be so blooming ignorant as to not bother to even learn the basics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One woman actually said that she had never needed to speak Spanish as she actually never met any Spanish people, due to the fact that all her friends around her were English and all the shops she went to were owned by English people, the kids go to international school and even her cleaner was English.
God I was embarrassed watching it.

How can you move to another country and not embrace the culture, the food, their lifestyle and the language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note....I do speak Spanish, badly but at least I speak it. I actually read and write it far far better than I speak it, but that's mostly I have no one to practice my bad Spanish with.
I would rather attempt to speak another language and make a fool of myself and be laughed at than appear ignorant.
Although last time we were in Granada in Spain, a very nice elderly Spanish gentlemen said that I was very good at it and had a good accent for it. But I think he was flirting with me and it was fun to flirt back with an 80yr old and be told what a lovely "girl" I was.
I'm not sure whose day got made out of that one, but I still laugh at it.

Much love
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