Friday, 17 July 2009

Gone On Holiday

I am away until Monday 3rd of August...wish me luck the weather is seriously bad, I think I blinked and missed the summer.

See you all soon much love Lia xx

Blog Help And Advice.

Okay folks, it would appear that there is some sort of problem with my blog, that I have only just become aware of.

One of my blog buddies Liz, over at "finding Life Hard" reports to me, that whenever she arrives, it is as a see through curtain has been pulled across her screen and it's as if my blog doesn't want to let her in.

One of my other blog buddies Jacqueline over at "Home" reports to me that every time she arrives, she has to hurry through my blog, before it causes her computer to crash.

Being a computer "numpty" I can not work out what it is about my blog that is causing such problems for my blog buddies and I greatly admire their patience during all this. Thank you Ladies.

So I am hoping one of you far more smarter and computer sauvey other blog buddies will be able to send me in the right direction, so that I can fix it and stop annoying the hell out of my friends.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

10 House Rules For When I Am Away

I do trust the kids while I am, however just to be on the safe side I do leave them some house rules.

1-Do not murder each other, any murdering will be performed by me, as I above all else have earned the right, having put up with you all for this long.

2-Feed the cat, it's the black fluffy thing called Misty that meows and lives in our house.

3-Feed the other cat, it's the black thing that lives outside and meows. Answers to the name of Bear.

4-No murdering of each other to be performed with out me!!

5-Feed my fish, they are the things that swim around in a big tank in the lounge.

6-Feed my other small fish, they are the things that swim around in a small tank in the kitchen.

7- No murdering each other, it is still my job to murder members of this family.

8- Make sure your siblings are fed, they are those annoying other humans you live with, whom in general you take no notice of and are not allowed to murder.

9-Do not play your music so loud that the neighbours wish to murder you, as already stated it is my hard earned right.

10-No parties unless my grandparents are in attendance or you will be murdered when I get back.

So blog buddies, do you think I have missed anything off the list?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Update on my sister.

We have had some good news on my sisters health and if she can go camping with me.

The doctor, her normal one, did indeed take my sister more seriously.
The doctor has put her on some very strong antibac's and she is already improving.
The doctor has also told us that she will be safe to go away by Saturday; and is also running some more blood tests and other samples ( I'll leave you to work those out)

Some of you know that my sister is not actually my blood sister, but a best friend adopted into the family, while we have been in each others lives for an absolute age, we have never managed a holiday together and this was to be our first one, we were so stoked about it and really couldn't wait to go. So it was upsetting that we might not have been able to go.

However maybe ;I have been a bit hard on the Universe as it would now seem that it is back on track.....lets hope the weather is listening too.

Blog Buddies

I am a very lucky girl in so many ways....( we won't talk about the weather and the Universe trying to stop me going away) as lately I have had a few new people drop into my blog, sit down, grab a cuppa and stay awhile.

This is so very lovely and unexpected, I did hope that when I started, some one any one might like my blog and read it, but this is so much more than I expected.

Some of you have been my blog buddies from day one and now we are starting to have "in " jokes, which is so great.

So I just wanted to say thank you to all my buddies, for allowing me to babble on like a brook, you have all become so much more than I thought possible over the Internet and after recent events where I and my family were abused by someone we met through the Internet, it has been very refreshing for me to have met you all through the Internet. You guys rock and I am falling in love with all of you.

Also to my new buddies, I would like to say welcome to my madness, I do hope you stay and we become friends as well.

This blog has helped in so many ways to restore my belief that humans are in general kind caring and curious about each other and actually want to reach out to each other across all the boundaries of time, space, religions, politics and differing views and I seriously believe that every one has something to offer to others.

I should warn you all in advance that once I am well and have saved enough money, I will be on the move and travelling, don't be too surprised if I ask you to met up with me Mwhahahaha!!!!


(where the jet stream SHOULD be)

This is so not funny, blooming blooming weather


It's the jet streams fault, I looked up why the weather was so bad at the moment, I mean there really has to be a reason.

It turns out that the jet stream should be above the British Isles, however it's being lazy and is floating below, so it comes across the Atlantic and should go off upwards, missing us completely, however this year it has decided to float between us and France, who you may like to know are suffering the same fate weather wise.

Today I got up with about 6million things to do. One of them being my car, remember I told you that we are a one car family right now and that mine is parked up, well Francis (with an i) and myself sat down and worked out some figures and decided that we could now afford to put my car back on the road.

So yesterday, the car went off to have a new clutch fitted, went well and was back in no time, we paid for the insurance and tomorrow it goes off for a service and M.O.T . None of this will be a problem, as I brought the car from new and have kept up all it's services and the only reason we haven't used it, is it needed a new clutch and on my car it is a huge expense, to be honest the clutch should have needed changing 20 thousand miles before it did actually go, we found it astonishing that we got so much more from it, yipee for good engineers.
The other reason, being that we have only one wage coming in as I have been so ill and I didn't want Francis (with an i) footing the bill for my car. But a small windfall and a little juggle means it can go back on the road and as I am the only driver of my car with years of no claims and being a 46yr old woman the insurance is really cheap.

Well it needs a good clean inside and out, due to being parked up for so long.
Here's me dragging out the jet washer, extension cables, car shampoo, turtle wax, clothes, shammi, polish, hoover, you name it, I dragged it out there, just as I was about to start down came the rain........arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How hard can it be to clean up my car, pack it and go camping?
What is it about my plans that the Universe insists I stay at home?
Now you all know the reason why the summer here is playing up this month.....ME!!!!!!!

I''m going out into the garden now to shout at the jet stream and tell it to move it's blooming backside up above the British Isles, before I go mad!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

My Sister and The Universe

What is it about the Universe that means every time I try to get away or attempt to use the new bell tent, that makes it conspire against me and stop me from either going away or using the blooming thing, even in the garden.

As you know I am meant to be going away for two weeks this month. Spending one week alone with my sister E and the next week Francis was to join us for the last week and we were all going to a gathering with a whole heap of friends.

The thing is that my sister is now ill and it's possible she has caught something nasty from one of her animals. E keeps having bouts of sickness, where she can hold nothing down. E went to her doctors, but was unable to see her normal doctor and saw a male doctor instead, who actually put it down to hormones and the time of the month. I have been keeping a diary of her bouts of illness and can say that the two do not fit together.

I am worried about her and she is going to see her normal doctor on Monday morning, I just hope that she is taken more seriously. Although I can honestly say that her normal doctor is an amazing one and very serious about her care giving.
I have also done some research about this illness and I have to say every thing I have read points to it being from one of her animals.

I spoke with Nutty on Saturday, as she is a train animal handler (sorry Nutty if i have not given you the correct title) anyway Nutty knows heaps about animals and the illness you can pick up from them and once I had explained E's symptoms she told me what in her professional opinion was and I went on to look it up. I think Nutty is on the right track.

I just want my sister to get better so we can have our holiday as planned, but mostly I want her better as this is not getting any better and can actually lead to some very serious complications if left untreated and most doctors don't seem to know about it; as it tends to be rare.
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