Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!!!!

Hello My Darlings,
Thanks for all your e-mails and messages on your blogs, trying to let me know what was wrong. Thing was I didn't put comment moderation on and the settings were saying it wasn't on.
Oh well just another mad day or 12 in the happy world of blogger.

Thanks for not abandoning me. Your the best followers in the world.

Okay so here's a quiz for you all, well more of a conundrum really.

As you all know I'm well into my health campaign now, having declared war on my fibromyalgia and I am most definitely winning the battle of the Bulge. Last weigh-in which was yesterday said I am now 12st 9lbs. Have also gone up to 40 laps in the pool a day.

Only 3lbs since my last weigh-in, however we have had 2 birthdays and Easter and another birthday to come at the end of the month...this is what I call silly chocolate season, as in our house a birthday is not a bithday unless I make them double triple chocolate cake and huge ones at that. It's hard to resist chocolate. Even on a health kick, but I think I did well not to gain any weight.

Back to the conundrum.
On Saturday we went out for the day (but that's another post) and I wanted to look good, so I raided a wardrobe I haven't been near for over a year and found some clothes that fitted now.
A quick look in it and I realised that there was a whole load of clothes that looked promising and some lovely stuff I had sort of chosen to forget fat to get in them basically!

All day I thought about the wardrobe and what treasures it might be hiding. For the life of me I could not really remember what was in it. As soon as we got back, dinner cooked, kitchen tidied and cleaned, my sister packed off home and all the boys happy doing whatever it is they do in the computer world, I made a beeline for my wardrobe of secrets.

I should be ashamed to say this but I'm way to excited to be embarrassed I actually found £400 worth of unworn and still tagged clothes:-

4 white blouses, all different.
1 black jacket.
3 tops all the same but different colours.
1 top that is exquisite and has beading on it, that in fact I spent an age sewing on.
1 top.
1 pair shorts white.
1 pair cropped jeans, white.
1 pair of black trousers for evening wear.
2 dresses.
1 jumper dark red.
1 wrap dress purple and black.
1 kimono style top with butterflies on it in blue.
1 beach top pink more like a dress than a top.
1 beach top light blue.
2 tee shirts the same but different colours.
3 pairs of pjs cotton for summer. pink, yellow, and blue

Almost a whole new wardrobe ready and waiting for summer. Oh I should hang my head in shame........................... however whooooopeeeee for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I spent Saturday evening trying on clothes, my bedroom looked like a bomb site and I had to keep running up and down the stairs to look in the big mirror downstairs. Nearly everything in that wardrobe fits, there are a few snug fits, but another month or so and it'll be better.

Now I have about 3 different sizes in the wardrobe ranging from a UK 14 to a UK 18.
There are 5 pairs of trousers all different, lots of skirts and dresses and tops in all shapes sizes and colours.
So why do some 14s fit nicely, while some 16s won't do up. Some 16s that fit nice and 18 that are too snug or won't do up. Then there are the 16s and 18s that are hanging off me and need to be taken in???????

Sorry to shout but

Seriously it's mad how can a 14 do up, yet an 18 be snug. I don't shop cheap, in general I don't spent a lot on myself....yes, yes I am aware of the £400 worth of tagged unworn clothes but I'm not being fashion driven and tend to buy in good shops when they have a sale on, but only if I really like something, some of those clothes have been in there awhile. Patricia said that some of them are from when we went shopping for her trip to Crete which was 2yrs ago in June. She remembers making me buy myself some clothes then and helping to pick them.

Any way I digress again ha ha!!!!! If talking was an Olympic event I'd be a gold medallist or is that mentalist.... oh that was so nearly funny.

Francis says he doesn't care what size I am so long as I wear the blooming clothes and am happy within my skin and that it's far more important than worrying about the blooming label size.
Ok so he has a point and is properly right....but if you tell him I will cry and scream and stamp my feet!!!!

Am I the only woman with a mad range of sizes in her wardrobe that has a weird way of fitting you when the size is supposedly small and not doing up when it's supposedly big? I actually got stuck in a size 18 dress and Francis had to come and help me out of it, while laughing his head off. Thank the Gods it wasn't the first thing I tried on or I might have broken into the nearest chocolate factory and eaten my way through the contents! I mean, well that sort of thing couls seriously demoralise a girl.

We can put a man on the moon, but we can't get correct dress sizes.
Oh well why am I moaning I have a whole load of new clothes to wear and have reacquainted myself with a whole load I had forgotten I liked so much.

I guess size really doesn't matter after all.

much love

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hide and Seek

Hello Lovelies,

Don't you all you beautiful today. I found you all.

For some reason known only to blogger your comments were not coming up on my page and I thought you had all abandoned me on mass.

Which I know sounds daft as a brush (why are brushes daft, not that I have ever met a really clever one or it would have a far better job than sweeping up dirt.....,I have the oddest of feelings that I might just have answered my own question......oh well I digress!).

But not having seen any of you all for days 12 to be precise I was beginning to think that I had broken some unknown to me golden rule of blogging and as a result you had all been so mortified and offend that you were all showing your disapproval of my behaviour by not indulging me with your company.

I really did think that I was on some sort of blogging Mary Celeste.

But come the morning and cometh the comments you have all left me, there they all were. You have left me 31 comments over the past 12 days and I only got one of them, how very odd.
Do you think it was the powers that be at blogger blocking them all because I threatened to take my blog elsewhere or just the Spring fairies being a little naughty.

What ever it was I am so terribly pleased to see you all still love me, yippee!!!!!!

I have loads to blog about, wait till you hear what happened when some stupid ignorant woman called me a cougar!!!!!! Or exactly what I think of Mersea Island in Essex.
And don't get me started on David Cameron quoting J F Kennedy "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country" speech at me this lunch time!!!!!!!
Can I please go live on the Moon until the election is over, it's driving me nuts already, never before have I been so confused by politics.
It would appear to me right now that they are all the same out for them selves party, just with different colours!!!!! They seems to be very little differences between them all.

Well I am very pleased to find you all again and am off now to swim for a while.
Oh and I so want to tell you about Nordic Walking that I recently found out about and my new volunteering thingy that I am doing this year.

Love ya all and so missed you, should have known better that you wouldn't just abandon me.
Much love

Monday, 12 April 2010

Was It Something I Said?

Hello Darlings,

Did I say something to upset each and every one of you?
Only according to my post edits no-one has been near me since the 4th of April which is 12 days ago!!!!!

You are still all out there, I know you all are as I have been leaving you comments, but for some reason you lot have sent me to Coventry.

Now I'm more than sure that Coventry is a nice place to visit but I wasn't planning on moving there any time soon.

So what is it?

Do I look fat in this blog?
Am I just boring ?
OR worse than boring have I upset you all, was it something I said????????????????
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