Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Passing Acquaintence!!.

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, I have a very odd relationship with God. Not that you could call it a relationship, more a passing acquaintance.
It's not so much that I don't believe in God.
I have no desire to offend any of you so be warned, as I am about to give my own opinions on God and the Bible and they are a little out there to be honest.

Ok here goes, God I do think exists, but it's more that I believe in a higher power than a God in the way that others believe, but I'm not so sure that he is a he or for that matter that he is always on the ball.

You see if I was God there are things that I would put a stop to once and for all.
Firstly there is the suffering of children, especially in poor countries. It appalls me that so many children are born to die and suffer so much in their short little lives. In my travels around the World I have seen children gravely ill, others picking over rubbish on a dump just to try to find something to eat or sell in order to buy food.

I went to Romania and we could smell the orphanage from about 3miles away, so bad was the stench and when we got there we had to wade through sewage that was ankle deep. I saw children there that were tied to their cots and banging their head off the bars of their cots. With sunken hollow eyes and paper thin skin stretched over bones. There was one thing I didn't see in the 10 weeks that I spent there and that was God.

Over here for the last 15 yrs I have done voluntary work with a charity that helps mothers and children come to terms with sexual abuse, again I don't see God in all this.

I didn't see God the day my Father tried to throw my Mum off a balcony in front of us all, while my brother Terry clung on to my mothers legs and all I could hear was screaming, which was coming from me, a 3yr old me.
I didn't see God when as a 17yr old I was brutally rape and held hostage by 3 men for 5days.
I didn't see God when my husband beat me in front of the kids time and time again.
I didn't see God when my Mum died so suddenly that there was no time for goodbye and it still hurts 14yrs on, it has left the deepest scar of all.
I didn't see God when I lost and buried 3 children.
I certainly didn't see God the night that my brother I was closet too was murdered.
If he/she was there all those times, they weren't showing themselves to me.

Someone once said to me that if you don't get an answer to your pray, it's Gods way of telling your ass NO!!!! I've been hearing No my whole life.
As for the Bible, I find it to be a nice collection of stories, like Harry Potter or, The Chronicles of Narnia or Aesop's Fables, each and every one of them being a moral guide to how we should treat each other and all full of common sense guide lines.

So when I am at a girlfriends house for supper and another guest insists on saying grace, I will excuse myself from the table until it is over and done with.
Now don't get me wrong, I do have friends who are very religious and I won't be so rude as to refuse to take part in the saying of grace, but if it's not YOUR home and YOUR supper what the devil gives you the right to demand grace is said.

As for getting all uppity because I refuse to stay put, well don't get me started on that one. I'm 47 and can think for myself.
People are entitled to their beliefs and if God, The Holy Bible and saying Grace is your bag then that's fine by me.
If you want to believe the moon is made of blue cheese, who am I to argue with you. You are perfectly at liberty to believe what ever you want to and I would be the first to fight for your right to have your belief system.
But why must some people get so up themselves if I don't have the same way of looking at things.

I have been told that I will never be invited to this persons home, bothered!!!!!!
I've never been up Everest and I can't say that I'm bothered by that either.

I think it's great if people have a belief system that carries them through the hard times in life. How wonderful for them to be able to have something to turn to that gives them comfort and guidance in times of trouble. I do believe that religion has it's place for some people, just not me.
Because I believe in that I sent my kids to a Catholic school and made sure they knew about their Jewish roots, as well as teaching them about other religions and faiths, but I left it to them to make their own minds up about God. It's a personal relationship and people should come to that decision from an informed point of view.

Am I doomed to Hell, well I'll just have to wait and see and if God wants to know what exactly I was up to during my time on the planet, I shall happily inform him/her that I was doing my up-most-best with the circumsatnces, trials and tribulations that were thrown my way.
That I lived my life to the best of my abilities, that I choose to live a moral life and treat people with respect and decency, that I didn't break the laws of the land and that I let people have whatever belief system gave them comfort with out question. And that I would defend their right to do so.

Is it really too much to expect the same?

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

An Evening To Remember.

Hello Everyone,
Here we are again at the end of the year, which seems to have flown by all too quickly.
So in honour of our friendships we thought it would be nice to invite you all to our New Years Eve Party.

We have a lot lined up for you all to enjoy and don't worry about the kiddos they will be well taken care of. Gather your families, bring the kids, pack your suitcase and get ready to be sprinkled with fairy dust.

You know, fairy dust always makes me sneeze, but I do love it so. We really do need it tonight so that we can travel around and anyway we all need a little fairy dust at times to add to the magic.
First of all we are off to Venice. Now it's a little bit snowy there at the moment, so tread carefully.

We thought it would be nice to dress up and have a masquerade ball. There are lots of mask to choose from, so take your pick.

Or you could choose one of these more traditional ones.

I rather liked this one, but as you can see my Patricia has already bagged it, doesn't she look pretty.

Patricia said it went really well with her dress and I have to agree, besides anything to stop her from frowning, no one that young or pretty should wear a frown and get wrinkles.

She just having a little nap, so that she will be all fresh for our night.

I will have to wear this one instead,

which will go lovely with the dress I am going to wear. I always wear white on New Years Eve. This started as a bit of rebellion when I was about 13 and my mother told me exactly what I would be wearing to my first ever grown up new year party. I had rather romantic notions of being a Debutante, what can I say; I was 13 and my head was full of Barbara Cartland novels, sneaked from my Nana's collection and hormones. I took my time getting ready so there would be no time to send me back up the stairs to get changed. Since then I have always worn white on this most magical of nights.This is my gown for this years night of nights.

Off course, due to the magic of the fairy dust, I do actually have the figure to carry this gown off. Oh you just can't beat the magic of fairy dust. To be on the safe side I am going to carry a little bottle of fairy dust with us. Plus I have slipped a little bottle into your purses Ladies, you never know when you might need a little extra.

Oh wow aren't some of you looking good.

We almost didn't recognise some of you.

We see you are really getting into the spirit of tonight. You all look so wonderful and elegant.

Oh! our butler is now ready for us all, you'll have to excuse him yelling at us, he is a rather excitable Italian, but we really couldn't pull this off tonight without his help.

He's a sweet heart really don't let the mask put you off him. We call him Mario, as he is our hero.
Look Ladies, he managed to find us a beautiful staircase to sweep down. Mario knows how much we Ladies enjoyed sweeping down the staircase in our gowns at the last party, but we think he has surpassed himself with this one.

Come on Ladies lets swish and sweep down them for all we are worth. I can already hear the rustling of our gowns.

These two adorable Harlequin twins are going to lead the way for us, after all we don't want any one tripping over.

We are off on a romantic gondola ride around the canals of Venice.

I'm bagging this one, but there are plenty more.

Venice is so beautiful at night.

All the building lit up and twinkling.

We hear some of you are getting a little peckish, so we asked cook if she could come up with something yummie, but don't worry about the calories people or the cholesterol, as due to the fairy dust there is no badness in these little treats.

So enjoy. You'll find a bottle of champagne on each gondola.

Where oh! where! is the beautiful Francis (with an i), it won't be very romantic in a gondola alone.
It takes him an age to get ready. Oh my gosh wow! Is that really him.

But my, my, he was worth the wait. Doesn't he look handsome tonight.

Look what he's brought for me, a beautiful pair of pink shoes and a small bottle of pink champagne. How sweet he knows how much I love pink champagne and that I can't drink much,
and his taste in shoes is exquisite.

The under-butler is going to show us the way to our venue for the evening.

Don't worry about the sword he is carrying, it's only for show and to point the way. He is going to show us the way to the venue for our next bit of fun.

We bet you are wondering what's on the other side of that door.

Francis (with an i) will be handing out lovely dance cards for you Ladies. So that you can remember who has the next dance.

Gentlemen don't worry about treading on the Ladies toes when you dance tonight, as the fairy dust will make you as nimble as these two fellows.

That's right Gentlemen you will be as light on your feet as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, so there is no excuse for not dancing, as there will be on bruised toes for the Ladies. Your dance partners will be calling you twinkle toes and will feel like a princess in your arms. Very romantic, not to mention the brownie points you'll earn.

Also for you charming and handsome Gentlemen and as we didn't want you to feel that we had left you out. We got you some very nice Harry Winston watches. We know how much you will want to know the exact hour of midnight, so that you can be with your Lady and have that wonderful first kiss of the New Year. They are all set to the right time.

So...........what is on the other side of the door?

We are so lucky to have got the Palace of Versailles, mind you they did make us clean the chandeliers
But it was worth it to get the Hall Of Mirrors.

Hey look we got a band!!!!!!

Fairy dust is amazing, we just sprinkled fairy dust and wished for the Glenn Miller band and hey hoo here they are.

Supper is served, we thought you might be getting a little hungry after all that dancing. We have a little surprise for you to watch while you are eating your supper.

Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together and welcome the World famous

...................................................................Cirque du Soleil...................................................................

That's a very scary!!!

Wasn't that wonderful, all that dizzying heights and tumbles. Such beautiful performances.
Almost makes you want to have a go yourself.

Looks like some of you have had a little too much champagne and fairy dust!!!!

Oh it's going to take an age to polish those chandeliers when your all done with them. Come on enough tomfoolery, we still have a surprise or two left.

If you would like to follow us, we'll just go through this ice arch.

We are going to take you to a very special place where we can watch all the fireworks over London.

This is our normal observation point for watching the fireworks, it's just a little place, but boy is the electric bill high, we just can't work out why! But we do get a great view of London from here, so we think will keep it.

It's nearly time folks. Gentlemen please check your watches........

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Big Ben at Midnight welcoming in the New Year.

Doesn't Tower Bridge look magical.

The London Eye turned into a giant Catherine wheel.

St Paul's Cathedral brightly lit by the fireworks.

And here come the marching band to play in 2010.

Join hands and sing along now......

Lets dance and sing and drink champagne until the sun comes up over London.

After all it's not just a new year it's a new decade.
And now that the sun is rising it's time for us to go to bed, so we are going to whisk you off to a little cottage we know and think you will love. The coaches are waiting for you all.

I really rather like this one and I'm sure the Queen won't mind us borrowing it.

Oh look the cottage is surrounded by snow

Okay! so surprise! we have borrowed Blenheim Palace for a day or so. The owners won't mind as they are very nice people.

We are going to have a lovely breakfast. Oh no! don't worry you won't be cold, the fairy dust will see to that.

Wasn't it a wonderful night. You must all be very tired by now and ready for bed, luckily there are plenty of bedrooms to choose from.

There's even one that looks like a beach, I rather fancy that one.

We think there is one to suit every taste.
Tomorrow we will tell you all about what the children got up to, we bet you thought we had forgotten them. They had so much fun, that they will sleep sweetly long into the morning giving you a nice lie in.

Just follow the staircase and find a room to suit.

Night night sweet dreams my darlings. xxxxxxxxxx.

We hope that 2010 brings you happiness, peace and good health.
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