Friday, 11 September 2009

9/11 - My tribute.

This is the first year that I have had a blog and it is therefore my first 9/11 anniversary, in a public forum.
It is such a enormous event, that words fail me. But I really do feel a need to mark the day.
Every year since 9/11, I have lit a candle for those who were taken from us that day and I will continue to do so, just as I do for the victim of London's 7/7 bombings.

So as this is my first year blogging, please forgive me if I use someone else's words. Right now, I feel that they express how I feel about it all so much better than I could.

My heart flies out to those who lost their lives and to the loved ones left behind.
So hug your family tighter to you today and remember how lucky you truly are to be able to do that today. Make a phone call to someone you may not have spoken to for a while and let them know you still care.

But most of all, light a candle for the victims and never ever forget them. My they rest in peace.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Please excuse me while I pull out what little hair I have. (I have told you I have alopecia)

Web site building is doing my head in and to top it all off, I came in here to catch up with everyone of you who mean so much to me in here to find that my whole reading list no longer exists and my links to you guys won't work.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hate computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hate computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hate computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have computer rage, right now.

Oh gosh how am I going to find everyone again.

So if you don't hear from me for a while, It's because........I HATE COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is my week for moaning!!!!!!!!!
that's it, I'm hormonal!!!!!!

And; I still hate computers.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Nutty's Madness

Look what the irrepressible Nutty sent to me, where would I be without that girl and her nuttiness.

To be fair she sent it a few days ago but it has taken me till now to work out how to upload it, so that you could all share in the madness.

This is yet another example of the mad things men get up to!!!!!!!!!

My Early Morning Call.

So the alarm went off at 5:30am, in fact it has gone off that time of the morning for years, mostly I wake before it. However since giving up work my mind has mostly switched off from the daily alarm.
Yet at lest 3 times a week it wakes me. You really would think that after all these years that it wouldn't bother me and in truth it wouldn't, if the adorable blue eyed sleeping beauty lying next to me, who goes by the name of Francis with an i, would just turn it off.

Oh no that's way too much to expect, himself chooses to put it on snooze, where's the problem you ask, 10 mins here or there, so what.
Well himself then keeps doing it and his normal time for getting out of bed is about 6:30 to 6:45am.
A whole hour after the stupid alarm goes off. It's not that I mind the alarm going off, I mean I don't go out to work anymore so I really could go back to sleep if I wished to, there's no problem there. But rather that I am sick to death of it happening.

Imagine if you car alarm went off, every blooming night for an hour or more - every ten minutes, how annoying would that be.

Francis with an i....I love you, I adore you, I worship the ground you walk on, but if you don't sort out the alarm, I swear I will take a hammer to it.
I will wait till it is your next day off and hide a load of alarms in and around the bedroom, all set to go off evey 10minutes for an hour or more.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

D I Y- Destroy It Yourself.

I have barely seen Mr Francis (with an i) in the past few weeks.
As he has been so busy and we have had guests and all sorts of other things to get on with.

In fact it has been some time since we spent the day, just the two of us alone.
So as he worked the weekend and I barely saw him, I got to thinking a date was in order.

Today he isn't working and I had nothing to do, well nothing that couldn't go on hold for awhile.
I tried to ask him to go on a date with me, but as I was starting to ask him, he kept interrupting. Now this is a habit of the lovely Francis (with an i) and while he is perfect in every way, this can be annoying, but he seemed to be so excited about what he wanted to do and assured me that it would take no longer than an hour and 1/2, to 2 hours tops. So I let it ride, I made him a grand cooked breakfast and off he went to do what it was that was so important to him that he couldn't put it to one side.

What was so important; he wanted to change the boot lid on his car, a car he has had for nearly two years, there was nothing wrong with the boot lid. A part from the fact that it had a ruddy great spoiler on it, that we have both hated from day one. A few days ago I brought him a new boot lid with a far more elegant and less boy racerish boot lid on it. That was what was so important.

So far he has managed to get it on and then it wouldn't shut, he sorted that and it wouldn't lock, then it shut and he couldn't get it open.
That's right he couldn't open it. Now where do you suppose he keeps his tools for work. You got it, in the boot, can you reach the boot by taking the seats out, oh no not a hope in hell.
After much cursing he did get it open and you would think that it all went well from there.

Oh no,now the central locking won't work and he is still driving me nuts with it.

He's now in grave danger of being murdered by the woman he loves, because he just wouldn't put the thing to one side and spend the day with the woman who loves him and who when all is said and done just wanted to spend the day with him.

He did murmur something to the effect of "we can still go out later" about 4 hours ago when I said that this was the longest 1 1/2 to 2 hours I had ever spent.

By the way it was a blue sky day here in London, with temperature's soring into the mid 80's. With the weather men saying that we should all enjoy it as it is the last of the beautiful days.
Next time I am just going to take myself out and sod him.
I can't tell you how annoyed I am to be passed over for a boot lid with spoiler and while he can at lest lock it and the central locking works again, on everything that is, but the stupid boot lid, which he will now have to lock with the key.

Is it wrong of me to secretly think that it is Karma, telling him that next time he should just spend the day with the wife.
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