Monday, 21 September 2009

Good Morning World

I have had a bad weekend and am too annoyed to talk about it now.
But it involves the bad neighbour and the Police and our car being damaged.
So to start the week off I thought I would ease us all into the week gently.

This is one of my favourite you tubes. Enjoy and here's to a good week.


  1. That was absolutely beautiful Lia....I was going to say that it started my morning off wonderfully but it's nearly 1.00p.m. so it started my afternoon off wonderfully !!!! Hope things get better with the neighbours. XXXX

  2. Beautiful...... Very peaceful startings for my day, ty.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I applaud you for bringing beauty into your day and ours through your blog.

  4. Hey Lia, sorry to hear you had a lousy weekend. Damage to a car is always seriously annoying. Thanks for the you-Tube

  5. I know I'm sitting here on your computer looking at your blog, but I have to admit I really enjoyed that. It's a real feel good piece.
    With much Love. Rainbow Amethyst


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