Wednesday, 3 February 2010

When Being Right, Just Isn't Right.

Hello My Dear Friends,

I have sad news to bring you today.

For some time now my adopted sister's Father has been ill. He is 83 and had been unwell for a while.
He went into hospital for some routine tests to find out why he felt unwell and kept loosing his balance.
While in there the hospital ran a whole batch of tests and discovered that he had cancer of the lungs, further tests showed that he also had cancer of the liver, the kidneys and a tumour on his brain.

The hospital in France (which is where they live) gave him 3months to 3 years, but also said that they could do nothing for him.

To be honest we have been living with this knowledge for some time now and while it is a terrible shock for us, it has obviously rocked my sisters world.
We talked about a lot of things and have already cried together over Papa (as we both call him)

On Sunday I took "E" to the airport and sent her to France to be with her Papa and her Mama.
E is going out there for 3 weeks and she asked me, "Do you think Papa will go while I am out there" I have a lot of knowledge about cancer and how it works and a close relationship with death due to a job I use to do. I didn't want to lie so I told her the truth and what to look out for so that she would know when the time was coming.

10 minuets ago I took the call I so didn't want to have to take and that is that Papa has passed.
"E" said to me you were right it happen just as you said it would; and my heart just sank.
He was a dear sweet man whose presence in my life will be missed.

This is one of those times when being right just isn't right.

One day I will tell you all about Papa and how the old German soldier became the surrogate father to this crazy mixed up Jewish girl. But right now I need to close the curtains, light the candles and cover the mirrors as well as gather the family together. If you don't see or hear from me for a few days, I know you will understand.

Much love


  1. You were right in preparing "E" as best you could for dealing with Papa's impending departure.

    Know that my heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time.

  2. So sorry to hear your sad news , Lia. I am thinking of you. XXXX

  3. Keepikng you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Baruch dayan emet....

    May G-d comfort you.

    ((((((( Lia ))))))))

    It's good to know, it helped her to have you know. It's just not always easy to know....

  5. My thoughts are with you both at this horrible time. You know you did the right thing, and so does E in telling her. Just the result was not what anyone wanted.

  6. My condolences, dear Lia, wishing you strength!

  7. Peace.

    Agree with Shaddy.

    Old German soldier and mixed-up Jewish girl? Some things are just *right*

    Being right was right.

  8. How very sad but his sounds like it was good life in the best sense.


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