Friday, 19 March 2010

Being A Little Meanie!!!!!!!!

Hello Darlings,

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, you are so very encouraging and I am almost up to date with you all now. I have decided to be a little mean, in that I have stopped following some blogs due to the fact that they have never ever been to visit me once.
I have realised over the last few months just how important some other bloggers have become to me and I like to think that in my own little way I have become important right back at them.

This being said it has slowly dawned on me that these are indeed friendships, now maybe they are not conventional, in that we may never meet, but I had a pen-friend for years who was important to me, so in a sense we are all pen-friends able to communicate at a much faster speed. Doesn't mean that we know each other any less.

But the thing is that friendships, how ever you have them are two way. Both of us have to put in effort in order for us to have any form of a relationship. I am just not willing to be the one who puts in all the effort at the cost of neglecting friends who are prepared to put in the same effort for me.

So while I will keep some blogs on my dashboard, just because I rather like them from time to time, in a sort of magazine flicking kind of way. I am only going to have those who are regular visiting friends in my sidebar, that way I will be able to keep up with the important blog buddies. I know this might sound a bit mean, but honestly what is the point in wasting your time on people who never put the effort back into you.
I seriously wouldn't keep going over a friends house and doing what she/he wanted and encouraging her/him in my real life so why bother in my blog life.

I am hoping to finish catching you all up in the next day. Either that or I am going to ban you all from blogging until I do catch you up.

Right I am off for my now daily swim and I have to see the doctor tonight, can you believe that I could only get an appointment at 7pm. I mean 7pm on a Friday night "Oy Vey"

Much love Darlings have a great weekend, in fact take the weekend off, especially from blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I to rush and check to see if I was one. I enjoy your every post, but don't always have anything interesting to say back to you.

  2. I, like James, went and checked that you hadn't excommunicated me, Lia !!!! I had a couple of days where I was out all day and didn't touch the computer and now I'm all behind with my comments and have been doing it all day !!!! It's hard work, this blogging lark, isn't it ?.XXXX

  3. We're on the same wavelength again Lia. I love that we are on the same wavelength in so many ways and so often. If you only knew how isolated I feel here where I live you'd understand why what you wrote is so important. I feel much better after reading this post (and your comments on Dayspring lifted me up so much this morning). Thanks for helping turn my dreary thoughts around today.

    I hope the swim was wonderful! I'm jealous of that! Also hoping the doctor's appt. went well.


  4. Blog friends are just the best, especially when they get to be real ones to!
    Like the new song BTW.

  5. By the way everyone please stop panicking. I am going to keep everyone of you in the side bar, I have become so very very fond of you all. I'm not bothered if you don't comment every time, but all of you are such wonderful supporters of my mad ramblings and as for new folks I will add them as they develop.
    much love

  6. Lia,

    It totally makes sense that you stop following or reading some blogs! There are so many blogs out there in blogland! No way one can keep up with ALL of them...or even tons of them! I am horrible at that. I follow a bunch and then can't comment or even read every post sometimes. I think you're amazing for making sure you read EVERY ONE that you follow!!! I try to, but some just doesn't happen.

    Good luck with the game of catch up! :) Have a fabulous weekend!


  7. Hi Lia, Completely understand where you are coming from. I spoke with DH the other night and said I need to ban myself from reading blogs as I haven't had time for ages to write my own:) Great blog by the way♥

  8. Lia. . .

    . . .I'm here for the first time (from Mel). . . and your song is all about winds and kites!!



  9. Well, I'll hope that the appointment went well......7pm is sometimes the best the doc can do for me, too. Personally, I'm grateful HE'S still willing to be around at that time. I'm pretty sure his life is as important as mine--and as yours.

    I tend to be a bit of a pest. LOL You can ask ILTV who beat me to this post! I'm a backwards reader--I go to the start and work my way forwards when there's a 'feel' that comes to me. Yeah, yeah...I know, odd but true! And once I land, I kinda make myself at home.

    Now, I don't do a bazillion places--and I've been known to drop notes when other's drop off the weblog circuit (it bothers me....I don't take the places I frequent lightly, and I get attached, I guess).

    You're stuck with me! LOL
    Ya poor thing. :-/

  10. Sorry that I did Dennis Severs house, Lia but, you can still do it. It doesn't matter. I've been meaning to do it for ages and yesterday I thought, if I don't do it soon, someone else will !!!!
    I'll get out of your head now !!!! XXXX

  11. Aw but Lia, the week-end is when I can actually get some of my blogging done :/ My favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is to get on the lap top and check in on everyone's blogs and make comments. I will then try to find new blogs to enjoy. Yep blogs and the week ends, good times.
    As for blogging friends, I love them, and I love you too Lia! My family doesn't understand it and I don't care. But it's something about being able to tell you about things and getting a different perspective.

  12. You are such a devoted follower that I would hate to lose you! I had to chuckle at your sign-off, "Oy Veh!" At my favorite Jewish Deli over in Golden Valley, they offer an "Oy Oy Platter". It's their version of the Chinese Pu Pu Platter.
    Oy veh, I'm making myself hungry!

  13. Hi Lia..., thanks for commenting on the rug giveaway, even though you don't qualify..., no shipping to Europe! But there's plenty of great online stores out of Great Britain, I discovered a bunch that sell really neat coastal things that I have not seen here in the U.S.!!

  14. Oh good! I'm glad I'm still there!

    I need to revamp my bloglist. I have one man who's dead on it ...

  15. What a perfect word verifier I just had: wagidogi!!


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