Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter In A Straight Jacket!

Hello Lovelies,

I do hope you are all having a good time.
My Easter is rather flat. No family, no friends, no get together. All plans fallen by the road side and to be honest I am really fed-up.

For starters Francis (with an i) kicked off on Friday about how he didn't need breakfast in bed, was a big man who was capable of getting his own breakfast. (Pity he didn't remember that today) So I left him to get on with it.
Then when I asked him to come to the gym with me he replied "Why would I want to go, you know I hate swimming. All that up and down rubbish, you must be mad" I tried to explain that I had him booked in to which he replied "well you should have asked me".

I decided that he was perhaps over tried and just wanted to sit around and not have to do anything or be anywhere and that he does work really hard to keep me, so if he wanted to just be at home that that would be fine. After all this is his Easter holiday as well. No point in being angry and upset with him. Why row for the sake of it, I was annoyed I won't deny it, but like I said I can't see the point in forcing the issue or even making the whole thing into an issue.

So I went alone and had a good time . I met a South African women who is one of the most gracful swimmers I have ever seen. We were sharing a lane and at one point I was just watching her and admiring her easy grace and flow with the water. We got talking and it turns out that she has been a swimmmer all her life, having grown up with an outdoor and indoor pool, lucky girl!
She described herself as half fish. I told her that I had only just come back to swimming and was still trying to get myself to breath and swim correctly and get the right lines.

Swimming isn't just about getting in the water and thrashing about. Most people swim badly and as a result get too tired or suffer injuries that frankly are avoidable. The basic rule is the more splashing and waves you make, the less efficiently you are swimming. The idea is to glide through the water and not battle with it. She very kindly said that she would put me through my paces and it turned out to be a very good training session. With lots of very good pointers that I had forgotten. She also said that I am a natural and that it wouldn't be long before I was half fish myself. So I am very smug with myself over that. She's going to meet me there next week and train with me again. Such a lovely lady. Silly me didn't get her name, how rude of me to be so remiss. Lucky my mother doesn't know!!!!!

On Saturday I always see my sister E, but this week she wasn't up to it. Which was a shame as I was going to take her to a nearby farm as they had an open day and it is lambing season.
I know she would have completely enjoyed it all and I was looking forward to it. So yesterday was flat. I did housework instead, not my favourite pass time.

Today was meant to be a family Easter Sunday lunch, but Patricia couldn't make it as she has to work. But Mr Francis (with an i) has gone out with his family, gets a phone call and takes off as if his arse is on fire. I didn't get invited, I never get invited out with his family. Nine years nearly we have been together. I always invite them, they don't come, but they get an invite.
I'm really mad about this and am sitting here stewing over whether or not I want to make an issue of this and I think I do!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not that I want to go, it's that I'd like to be invited and after nearly 9yrs, I am wondering when his family will get beyond the age-gap shite!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also annoyed that Francis (with an i) allows this to go on. I wouldn't let any of my family do this to him. In fact I have told mine that if they can't get on board with this relationship that I will not see them. We are a package, a team, a couple and have been together long enough now to have proved that we can make this work and that we are indeed a serious couple.

It is to his shame that he allows this state of affairs to continue. It's not as though he didn't know what he was getting into when we started this. He pursued me. I was the one with doubts, who had far more to loose than him. I have in fact always taken full responsibility for our relationship when people have said things.
But he knew he was getting into a relationship with an older woman, he's aware of that and was in fact the one that said we had to be sure of what we were doing, as he didn't ever want to hear the "we knew it wouldn't last/work" and that there were too many people who would get hurt by us or point fingers at us for being different. For daring to fall in love and cock a snoot at the normal conventions of society. About time he grew a pair and lived up to his words.
God, I'm so annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Monday and I can't wait to get back in the pool. Anything to take my mind of this seriously flat, dull and boring Easter.

Anyone fancy a house guest for next Easter.

And don't get me started on my youngest again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On March 31st, Callum was 18.
Did we have a party....NO
Did he want a party.....NO

He didn't want anything, no cards, no presents, no party, no trip to the pub, no friends over.
He wanted nothing, nada, zilch, zero................

One day I will do that to the lot of them. Next time they say they want nothing, that's exactly what they will get a big fat nothing from me.
While I head for the airport, passport and credit card in hand, now that sounds like a plan.

If you want me I'll be the lunatic in the corner banging her head off the wall in a straight jacket.

much love

Ps. The beautiful Patricia just phoned and is hoping to make it here later afternoon tomorrow, all being well at work....light on the horizon.


  1. Gawd, we should have got together this morning, eldest is sailing somewhere in the English channel. Youngest rolled in at 7.30 and went straight to bed.
    Me.... well I wasted time here, vacuumed the house, made lunch. Got to see youngest for about 20 mins and that's it for the day so a fine Easter enjoyed by someone else somewhere else!

  2. I'm having the hubby's family over for Easter dinner tonight. All I have to say is, shoot me now!!!!! I hate spending time with them. I've spent the last three days getting ready for them to come over, my back hurts like heck, and I know that the MIL will have something negative to say. Oh well, it will give me something to blog about after they leave ;o)

  3. If I had really, really long legs that could stretch across the Atlantic Ocean, I'd kick Francis and the whole lot of them directly in the arse!!!

    Then, I'd stretch my really, really long arms across the Atlantic to give you a huge hug and to pull you back with me to my house.

    Unfortunately, my arms and legs are rather short but we can still pretend, can't we.

    Come in, Lia. Here's a bloody mary just for you. In a few minutes you can sit down to dinner with my husband and son and me. (Jared's planning to go golfing when we're done eating;he just got here an hour ago! Kids these days!!)

    Changing the subject, I'm delighted that you found someone who's half fish and is transforming you into half fish as well. Hey, soon you'll be able to swim over here for a visit. She said you're a natural swimmer, right?

    You've got lots to smile about today. For instance, you've had success with your determined swimming routine and have dropped down a size. You've got a fabulous sense of humor which has drawn lots of friends to your blog. You're alive and can write like a pro.

    Savor the fine woman you are. Imagine me reaching for you and pulling you close. Feel the love and friendship.

    Happy Easter, Lia,
    from Shaddy

  4. I wrote you a heart-warming comment and it's vanished. Rats!

    Basically, I suggested that since you'll soon be half fish, you should plan on swimming across the Atlantic to come see Sarie and I.

    If my legs were long enough to reach across the Atlantic, I kick Francis and all the rest right square in the arse. Then, I'd stretch my arms to you and give you a huge hug.

  5. :( grumble, grumble.

    How can his family treat you like this? It's their loss for sure, but a little respect please? I just do not understand some people. I think it's an issue that needs to be talked about too. I really do. They remind me of my hubby's family.

    I'm sorry Easter was a bit of a bust Lia. Here too. We simply must get our cupcake house finished and the vat of chocolate installed.

    Sooooooo glad you're going to the pool today. I'm guessing it will cheer you right up?

    big hugs,

  6. I tried for a'd think the joint would be empty and there'd be no waiting.
    There wasn't....cuz it was closed.


    Ah well.
    We did have a lovely dinner and patio sitting was peaceful!

    Yaknow, sometimes it's my best thinking without consultation that makes for interesting moments. LOL But what a lovely thing to find a coaching partner at the gym! :-)

  7. What a load of ratbags! No wonder you're feeling flat.

    How mean of Francis' family to not invite you - and, I'm afraid, wrong of him to go! Sorry. I know it's one thing for you to criticise your man and quite another if someone else does it, but really!

    But well done on the swimming! I'm never been a good swimmer and I get tired very quickly so I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. The trouble is I don't like getting water in my nose/eyes/mouth!

    Hope your swimming today went well and the week gets better. x

  8. Why didn't Callum want anything for his 18th birthday??? I've never heard of such a thing! Usually that is the biggest party birthday ever! Strange.

    And I'm so sorry about Francis. You can give him a big smack and tell him it's from me. ;)

  9. It makes me upset at your Francis that he leaves you behind like that! Especially when you've been together 9 years. You need to sit him down and have a good talk with him.

  10. Well, I dunno, a new friend and swimming coach found over the Easter break sounds like a result to me. Shame about the other crap though. *hugs*

  11. A new friend / swimming coach sounds like a result to me :) Shame about the rest though.


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