Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vajazzled !!!!!

Hello My lovelies,

Oh boy have I got a post for you today.
Believe it or not I was on a site looking for something completely different.
When I came across the word Vajazzled, being dyslexic this new word totally baffled me and at first I sat here for awhile trying to work out what the word even said, never mind meant.
Oh boy!! was I surprised when I went in search of answers.

In my search to find the answer I came across a couple of other articles that you can go and look at, just make sure that you are sitting down when you read them and don't be drinking any form of liquid like I was or you may end up like me having to clean your keyboard.

The 6 weirdest things women do to their vaginas.

Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about it here. by the way she has a book due out this month and the cynic in me thinks this is all a ploy to get sells for a book that is properly shite.

Also when looking around at this new and ridiculous craze I read one young women's comments where she had said
"This is really the modern form of feminism for my generation"

Yeah right, that's why the suffragettes marched on Downing Street and threw them selves under the King's horse on Derby day, that why my grandmother and mother fought so hard for you to have equal rights and that's why I went on demo's and stayed at peace camps through the winter and got myself arrested countless times, so you could get your fanny all sparkly. But it's ok 'cos they use Swarovski crystals, what next diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah modern feminism ROCKS!!!!! or maybe it just sparkles!!!!

Well, I'm off to bang my head on a brick wall and ask myself some very serious questions.
Much Love

Note- fanny over here in the UK means your vagina not your bottom. Just in case any of my American readers don't know that, only I am aware of the difference.
First time in America at 17, as I passed through the airport, a guy called out nice fanny at I turned on my heels and slapped his face, calling him a few unladylike names. Luckily another guy realised that we were lost in translation and step between us to explain. It's funny now.


  1. It's the fatuous idiocy of statements like "This is really the modern form of feminism for my generation" that really get me. It's so stupid it's not even wrong.

  2. Oh my gosh. I don't know what to say! First of all, seriously with the sparkles??? Secondly, FEMINISM? I think not. Thirdly, even if that guy who cat called you at the airport was referring to your rear end and not your vajayjay, I'm glad you slapped him!

  3. They do what, where, with those.... bloody hell!
    I'm so pleased that all those wimmin of which I consider myself one did what we did for women kind, equal rights pay, respect, change in the rape laws. And this is the reward.... Oh i'll have to go and take the dog out I'm so pissed off with such unutterable stupidity

  4. I really shouldn't laugh at your responses, but your all just so funny and to see my own reaction reflected back is hilarious.

  5. Ok personal here but sorry this is where my mind leads and you started it. But did you notice that she was shaved down there? Have you ever had yours shaved? And more importantly, have you ever let it grow out? It not the most pleasent of feelings and it takes at least a week to grow enough to not itch. Nope, never want to do that one again......

  6. I have got the giggles so bad right now....

  7. Nothing surprises me anymore. There's absolutely no limit to the crazy ideas people have! What kind of miserable looking mess does one have once the hair grows back??!!

    I think I'll leave it at that.

  8. You warned me......choked on the coffee cuz I didn't listen.

    Well gee.
    I'm so glad we worked hard for this privilege.

    *rolling eyes*

    Oy brother.
    If I had a dog--I'd walk him. LOL

  9. Ummm wouldn't it be a bit... ummmmm..... scratchy?

  10. Oh my gosh, if it makes her feel better, well, what can I say. And that's the same Jennifer I watch Friday nights in Ghost Whisperer!! Hmmmmmm!!? She must be younger than I thought! Now I hope that during the next show her "disco ball" won't flash in my mind!!

    Happy Sunday.

  11. Oh my God, Lia. What next ? Do men have Penjazzled ? and , I'm sure that they must fall off AND scratch when in the throws of passion !!
    I cannot see what they are going to do next to make you part with your money..... and, I agree with Shaddy...what on earth does it look like when the hair starts to grow back. !!!!
    It was really funny though, Lia. XXXX


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