Monday, 29 March 2010

No Wonder Others Are Moving!!!!

Hello Lovelies,

I am fed up with blogger, it's driving me nuts and it would appear that I am not the only one. A few log buddies have move their blogs to other sites for similar reasons and I don't think at this rate I will be far behind them.

You see the reason that I haven't put a post up for a few days is that I have been unable to, due to some stupid glitch. Not content with that, but I am having trouble even seeing some of your posts and when I do get into them most of the photos are missing.

I don't even have any idea if this post will get out to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haven't done much at all this weekend.
I did do some messing about with recipes, but as I am perfecting them it is pointless to go into to many details as yet.

First recipe is a polenta pizza, (or cornmeal to my American friends) I have made the base for the pizza's 3 different ways now. The first two goes were ok but not quiet what I was looking for and this led to me taking the best bits of the two recipes and working with them to perfect the crust. Still a little more work to do till it is right and I can boost about it to you all.

Also been making a baked egg, cheese and bacon dish that you bake in cupcake tins, had a go at two of those, but can't decide which is the best recipe to share. The boys love them (Francis, Ashley and Callum), but the jury is out on which are the best ones. Also as it was a bit of an adhoc recipe, a little of this, a bit of that and was adapted from a recipe that I considered too expensive, it too could also need a bit of a tweak.

I am going to make both of the recipes again this week and get the boys to compare. Plus I could do with getting the right quantities written down before I share. Don't want you to be disappointed with the result should you want to try them. Got some great photos that blogger won't let me load. So not a lot of point trying to put up either recipe at this time.

I am beginning to understand why people keep leaving blogger to set up elsewhere.
I have tried to load this a few times now...oh this is nuts will try one more time.

Much love to you all, hope you get to see this.


  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by, sorry Blogger is being a pain!

  2. Your post title came up but it's taken a while for the post to follow. I've had trouble with my photos tonight as well. I just shut it down in a fit of pique and only when I thought it could be trusted to behave did I allow my blog back on!!And so far it's taken my warning seriously and is doing it's work properly.

  3. Make sure you go somewhere we can follow! I vote for the egg,bacon and cheese. Sounds wonderful

  4. Oh yay! Ahem. I mean I'm sorry you're having the same poopy problems with blogger as me Lia. Come with me to Wordpress. I've already set up shop at:
    I'll have hubby build the cupcake house! and install the vat of chocolate!

    Right after I make these recipes you're talking about in today's post. Um. YUM! They sound so good Lia.

    i don't want to lose you in the Blogger mess dear. Here's my email, just in case:
    Hugs & Love my dear,

  5. Hey Lia, I too have had trouble with blogger. Not so much on my own site but on other sites. When I first started following you, I couldn't pull you up on my lap top but could on the desk top. Now I don't have any trouble getting on it or staying on it. However I still have trouble on other blogs that I like to follow. Sometimes it is due to all the extras that they put on their sites. I think that's why I don't put a lot on mine. That and I am totally computer stupid......

  6. Trouble on computers is horrible to cope with. I have no patience when things don't work as they should.

    I'm pretty lucky, so far. I haven't had any problems with blogspot for quite some time.

    I wish you the best as you transition to another site. I'll be looking forward to more from you.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  7. Gosh. I've been on the weblog site forever and not had to deal in a whole lot of problems. But it's text and photos--and that's it. LOL Mostly cuz I'm computer illiterate...and text and photos is what I do.
    I am sorry it's been acting up on you.
    Once upon a time I had difficulties with pulling up the page here, but I think that's righted itself......seems to have anyways!

    Ah well--sometimes change is a good thing! And I do hope for things to get less frustrating for if that means a move, that means a move! (you'll let us know, I'm sure!)

    In the meantime, maybe it's just the Big Guy's way of making time to do that recipe tweeking!! :-)

    Cornmeal pizza crust, eh? Hmmmmm.....

  8. Dear Lia,
    I have had trouble with Blogger over the last two days. ... and so have lots of others. I also had trouble with yours when I first started but yours is O.K. now.
    Good luck with your recipes, Lia. XXXX

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Yesterday blogger was spooky on all the blogs I visited, including mine..., pictures wouldn't show up..., but that was the very first I ever experienced trouble..., and these things can happen on other serves too. Now everything seems fine again. My new blog Daily Vitamin Sea is on GoDaddy and I use wordpress. I am happy with it (so far). Will see if I ever move Completely Coastal to a "private" server as well.

  11. Blogger gets a little weird sometimes. You just have to back off and let it work out its kinks. If you humor it long enough, it will straighten out (for a while). Cheers!

  12. Blogger seems all right to me - apart from the odd glitch. I'm too scared to even update or change my template at all so I'm probably not a good person to consult!

  13. I just tried to get to your post about Nutty Chocolate which showed up on my Favorite Blog list. When I clicked on Nutty as a Chocolate Cake this popped up: "Page not found. Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Life with Lis does not exist."

    That's about as stupid as anything I've ever heard. If it doesn't exist, why did it appear on my blog along with other favorite blog posts?????

    It may be time, Lia. Time to head over to WordPress.

    I'll try getting to your latest post again later. I just wanted to let you know what's going on.

    Good luck, my dear.


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