Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ucky, Ucky, Uck, Uck.

While the weather has been so totally glorious in the UK, for almost a week now, ha, ha, ha, ha,
someone not so far away from here has had the flu and oh boy do I feel ill.

My temperature has soared to 102.3f, this is not the best time to get flu.
Not for me the chills of a November day, with a cold northerly wind, rain coming down at a 45degree angle, the light barely acknowledging the day, a duvet pulled up tightly over me.

Oh no Miss Lia here has to do it when the temperature is at it's highest, it has made having flu the single worst thing that has happened to me this year, but it can only get better.

So while everyone else in the UK has been to the beach, walking, sunbathing, eating ice cream, bar-be-queing, sitting in the park, paddling in pools and ponds and generally having a wonderful time of it.

I have been coping with flu, I have made it out of bed today, but in all honesty, I can see me heading back there any minute.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as my temperture falls below the furnaces of hell or it rains, depends which comes first.

I am not one to normally moan about being ill or the wonderful sunshine, but please God, don't put the two together again.

Bring on a cold front and I do mean rain.

UPDATE:- I didn't have anything nearly as bad as swine flu, but I did think the picture funny, which is why I used it, don't want people thinking I have had anything more that ordinary bog stantard flu.

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