Friday, 2 October 2009

Sea-glass Jealousy.

I thought I would share these photos with you all.
I can't honestly say exactly where this little village is, as I haven't been told exactly where it is.
If you have visited my web shop, you'll know that I work with sea-glass to make little lovelies; and that I have someone in Scotland who lives on the Moray Firth.
The sun set photo is the one I put on my web site and it is where he finds all the sea-glass, such as that lovely purple piece.

We have been chatting through emails for some time now and after a while he sent me an e-mail with the sunset photo in it and said I could use it if I wanted to on my site. Which I thought was really sweet of him.
To be honest, he has told me a lot more about where he finds the glass and how he goes about it, but asked me NOT to tell the World. I can't say I blame him, after all it is how he makes his money and therefore only fair that he protects it.

I don't mind not knowing exactly where it is, but oh boy am I jealous of where he lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One day I will get out of London, I blame Callum, for the misfortune of my being here.

You see we were all set to go back to Spain, and out of interest his step-dad who is a teacher decided to get him Mensa tested, blooming Callum turned out to be the child genius.
No really he did, I mean I always knew he was a smart arse, oops sorry! clever and bright, but his IQ is very high and in order for him to reach his full potential he was going to need to be stimulated and pointed in the right direction.

Now this isn't to say that the Spanish schools would not have been able to do this for him, they very much could, however we as a family would have to have paid for this special treatment in Spain, and at 45thousand pounds a year, where as over here in England it would be given to him by the education authority for free. It was a no brainer really and so we stayed. He is doing very very well for himself and I am fit to brust with pride for him.

But that boy of mine better do something blooming fantastic with his life, just to make it worth my time, or I might find that beach dig a big hole at the low tide mark and bury him in it up to his neck!!!!!!

ps child services...this is a joke; mind you he is 18 in March 2010, so maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I don't blame your sea glass supplier for wanting to keep his secrets either.

    I love the way you tell of Callum, his high level of intelligence and how he better make something very special of himself or else.

    You tickle me and I thank you for that.

  2. The photos don't appear for me so i will just have to imagine them.

    Kids eh?!

  3. I'm having the same problem as Liz. The pictures won't come up. ... and I wanted to see the sunset as well.
    How proud you must be of Callum. Sometimes it can be very difficult when you have a child with a very high I.Q.....but it sounds as if you have managed just fine.... and the sea glass guy...definitely shouldn't give that info away..... and could you ask Peter Pan to come over and see me...he could be a mine of information regarding my post !!!! XXXX


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