Monday, 21 December 2009

London Snow Part 3

I seriously doubt that I am ever going to make it off this hill. I thought I might manage to get off tomorrow, well that was till this happened an hour or so ago. it wasn't looking to bad when Francis (with an i) got home.

However 10mins later when Ashley got back it looked like this, he wouldn't stand still for the photo, gosh he was grumpy lol. He looks like a ghost.

10 mins later it was like this and darkness had fallen a little earlier tonight.

I zoomed into the tree opposite my window and you can clearly see how big the snowflakes are.

This one is where I just zoomed in as far as I could and took a photo of the sky.

All the rest are of our little back garden, we don't have too many buildings out the back of our house and the ones we do have tend to be behind the trees, so the garden takes on a magical quality.

Can't wait to see the animal footprints in this, I can now tell Misty cat and Bear cats apart and then there is the foxes and the mice, I think the mice are living in my shed, I don't mind it's warmer in there for them.

And yes! that is an old disco ball hanging off my washing line. I found it on a building site I was working on and rescued it from the men who where playing football with it. It's lived in my garden for about 3yrs now and when the sun catches it it sends out beautiful shafts of rainbow light. It annoys the hated neighbors as it shines into their house as well as ours and other neighbours, which is another reason to keep it (oh! I bad mwhahaha)

We are now listening to a thunder storm and hearing reports of London at a standstill and airports closed......again.


  1. Pretty! Snow has a way of making things shine.

  2. Lia, it is so beautiful, we hardly ever see snow like that here in Atlanta, I would love to be there!!! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and we send our love to you and your wonderful sons....


  3. Wow snow again and before the old snow is gone. Here's to you getting out of the house soon! Oh and after looking at these pictures, your hill is worse than my hill!

  4. Ohhhhhh..very very pretty!

    I love fat flakes. They're so cool to watch--even cooler at night. And they make their own sound when they land.....

    Very cool--make Francis with an "i" do a snowangel! That'd be way fun!! :-D


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