Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Dorothy Shoes.

The real shoes from the movie The Wizard Of Oz in the National Smithsonian Institute Washington D.C.

These are so sweet. Nutty Jo phoned me a couple of days ago and was telling me about taking the children to a Christmas Party and that while she had a cute outfit for Little Miss Nutty to wear she was unable to decide which shoes she should wear.

What's a girl to do, your off to a party,but none of the shoes you have match the outfit.
Plus it's Christmas and you so want to look your best, but the shoe fund is low.

We got to talking about what is the quintessential Christmas shoe.
After running through a whole host of shoes, taking into account stilettos, silver black, never ever not boots, strappy, sling backs, wedges you name a shoe and we talked about it.

Then we hit on it, the best Christmas shoe has to be Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz. I believe we have been strongly influenced by the fact, that for the last 6,000 years the Wizard of Oz has been on out telly's over here every Christmas......I bet if I looked I could find it in the telly listings for this year at some point. Okay! so 6,000yrs is a slight overstatement on my part, maybe it's only 5,999yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!

We both talked about how we would have loved to have had Dorothy shoes when we were little and then the idea sprang into mind.

I knew Nutty had glitter and glue, but did she have an old pair of shoes that Little Missy Nutty was about to grow out of; or were summer shoes that wouldn't fit her come summer.
Yes, she did and straight away knew where I was going with glitter, glue and unwanted shoes.
That's what I love so much about Nutty, she always catches on to my mad ramblings and we bounce off each other so well.

I got an e-mail today, showing me the shoes. Off course she won't take them off now and it looks like Nutty is going to have to re-glitter them. I am also to blame for the amount of glitter all over the carpets!!!!!!!
Not jealous much, no not me!!!!!!!!!

Dorothy Shoes


  1. I am just starting your blog and wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying it. Wal-Mart is right down the road from me, but I go twice the distance to shop elsewhere!

  2. Dear Lia,
    I think that is just so lovely. She looks so cute in her Dorothy shoes and , it's all down to you (including the mess on the carpet !!)You are a good friend and came up with an answer to a friend in need. XXXX

  3. Oh I so love the Dorothy shoes!! Everyone needs a pair of these just for fun. Over here, I have had students with shoes like these. Yes, yes they sell them in Kentucky....I know it can be a sad thing.....

  4. How great! I bet they make her feel like a princess. (Target store here carries those with permanent glitter, btw!)

    Happy Christmas to you!

  5. Excellent--what we won't do for the short people in our lives...well done!!

    And a joyous holiday to your and yours, ma'am. Merry Christmas!!

  6. I want them!!!!

    Hope you had a great Chrsitmas and that 2010 will be even better for you.


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