Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Note From Mum.

Hi every one,

I'm Patricia, Mum's favorite daughter....ok she only has the one, but that's what makes me her favorite!!!!!!!!

Just a quick note to let you know she is sick again. Knowing her she has done too much again!
But short of locking her in a cupboard, we aren't really to sure how to stop her and anything else we think up in order to stop her seems a little like cruelty. Mum wanted you all to know she is okay, but she has flu. I'm blaming her partner for giving it to her, he's a very generous man who spoils my mum rotten and loves to give and share all things with her including his germs.

Mum says not to worry about her, but that right now she just needs to sleep and I have told the boys to make sure she does just that. She is asleep right now. Poor Mum managed to get Christmas Day over and done with and we all had a good time, but she spend Boxing Day and today in bed. In a way the boys are loving it, as they are drinking beer and eating chips, burgers, sausages and pizza, which Mum considers junk food and won't feed them it, so they are eating what they call "Man Food", so they are happy. And they are playing Play station untill the early morning while drinking yet more beer. Lucky Mum doesn't know or they would be in big trouble.

Mum says to tell you all that she hopes you all had a good Christmas and that she will be back soon, that is if I don't hide her lap top and force her to stay in bed longer.
Any ideas of how to stop her would be happily received.

Mum sends her love to you all.


Ps, She just woke up and saw this before I posted it, she says it's not flu,just very nasty Boy Germs.......I think they are one and the same lol. Anyway maybe at best it is a very bad cold.
I'm going to hit her on the head with a mallet now and send her back to sleep lol


  1. I'm so glad you're looking out for your mother. She's such a dear. I appreciate the blog post letting me know what's up. I'll be sending get well vibrations through the air and across the ocean in order to help her get well.

  2. *laughing* Definitely 'Man Germs' and definitely a mallet!

    Or......there's always 'steal the powercord AND the battery' and hope that she's ill enough to not chase you down?

    Thank you for letting us know what's what--greatly appreciated, ma'am.
    Take care of you--'Man Germs' are fairly crafty germs, yaknow!

    *sending healing thoughts to the mum and 'g'way' thoughts to the 'Man Germs'*

  3. Here's hopeing and praying that you are feeling better soon!

  4. Get well soon! And you can't have man germs, cos girlies are immune.

  5. Sending much love to your Mum, Patricia. Hope that she is better soon and can get back to feeding those boys some healthy food !!!! XXXX


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