Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bad Moody Me!!!!!!!!!

Hello You Lovelies,

I am in a bad mood, I have no idea why I am in a bad mood. Just that I am in one.
It's gone on for days now and has now reached a point of annoying me, which is making it worse.

One of my older friends has told me that it's rather normal for women of my age to be pissed off for no discernible reason and that she suspects hormone levels.

I, on the other hand think that I am just being a moody cow for no real reason. Well no reason I can put a finger on.


That is of course if you discount that despite swimming 5 days a week and managing to do a quarter of a mile each time and only losing 1lb in two weeks. People keep saying that it's because I am building muscles and they weigh more ....whatever, it's not easing my mood.

I hate veg, fish, chicken, fruit and any thing that is even vaguely healthy. Don't get me started on natural yoghurt and herbal teas!!!!!!!!

I want to eat chocolate and drink pepsi or coffee and biscuits. I want chips and white bread and butter or scones and jam, anything but the bloody healthy rubbish I HAVE to throw down my throat.

3 months now!!!! 3 long bloody months of healthy tosh and I am truly fed-up with the whole thing.

I know, I know, I know that I am doing the right thing, but just this week I am sick and tired of this whole thing.
Sod Fibromyalgia, bloody, bloody, bloody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well that's that off my chest some what!!!!!!!
But if you hear distant screaming you'll know it's me.
Mind you if you also hear that a woman in her 40's from London has drowned in a big vat of chocolate you'll also know that I broke my's not a diet it's a healthy new way to live without pain, so why does it feel like diet torture hell right now!!!!!!!!!!


much love
EDIT :- forgot to say that I am now 12st 10lbs.........uck!!!


  1. It's not a diet, but a new healthy eating style. But if it makes you feel better, I too have cravings and many times,I cave in and eat what it is I am wanting. I have found this has been better than not eating it because I have found that I 'pig out' on those foods when I try to ignore the crave. Instead, I will eat a small portion of it and it takes care of the crave just enough.
    As for losing the weight, or in this case not losing the weight, it's normal. Give it time and you'll start losing again.

  2. I had a feeling something was wrong :(. Let's park our vats of chocolate next to each other in the front yard of our cupcake houses and just enjoy without worrying about our diets.

    I'm so sorry you're having THIS kind of week dear. Wish I could help some how....
    Love & Hugs,

  3. First, you make me laugh, and every word you say is true, I have felt like this since September, it's just now feeling better..HA!! Now, that explains why you haven't seen my new recipe on my food blog, maybe you can just peak at it and not make it until a special occasion and a cheat..hey, I am eating healthy and exercising and I have a cheat every 2 weeks, I eat whatever I want for a day, it keeps me sane and maybe it will help...wish I lived closer I would come cheer you up, well, on second thought maybe it's good I live over here in the ole USA, since me coming over in the south where I live, usually means bringing chocolate, or baked goods to cheer up sending you hugs today and do have a cheat to keep you from going INSANE!! it works trust me..

  4. If you think you might be adding muscle and losing fat, so not getting lighter overall, take regular waist measurements. These will show you to be getting trimmer, regardless of whatever weight changes you are or aren't seeing.

    A lady I knew (the mother of a girlfriend, ages ago) once told me that when she joined the army, the exercise programme made her gain weight, but she got slimmer.

    And treat yourself to a chocolate muffin. Just one, mind :) Won't do any harm as long as it's not on a regular basis

    Have a nice day :)

  5. Have a packet of very small lovely chocs like lindt perhaps and when you can take no more rabbit food indulge in JUST ONE lovely suptious choc. Then eat rabbit food again!!
    Muscle weighs a lot more I know I'm so fit and weigh so much as a result.... But my clothes size stays the same. I never ever go on scales as a result it just depresses me.

  6. Oh I so so empathise. I am struggling to get going on a proper diet and my clothes are tight and I hate me but ... oooeerruuggh.

    But hormones probably aren't helping either. Hang on in there, lovely.


  7. Oh.
    So THAT'S how I sound about the food stuff.....LOL

    I'd kill for a piece of bread--real bread, crusty, warm, butter melts on it bread....
    JUST one slice!!

    Do I get one?!
    Is it 'bad' for me--ohhhhh yeah.....
    Do I like this 'healthy way of eating'?!


    k....repeat after me:

    It's NOT required you like something to do it.
    It's NOT required you like something to do it.
    It's NOT required you LIKE something to DO IT.

    ONE slice of crusty bread..... *muttering*
    I'll have an apple instead.

    *rolling eyes*

  8. Oh Lia,
    Poor you. I think that it's a combination of diet AND hormones. Your mood will swing in the right direction soon and you will feel much better. Keep going with your healthy eating plan. You're doing really well. XXXX

  9. LOL, you are funny! When I am in one of those moods, I try to remind myself how much good stuff I have going for me. You know, time to count the blessings. But still, I do understand.
    I too am moody for no reason... Its a girly's prerogative daaaaaahling. But I totally hear you about the healthy foods. I am currently on a self imposed low GI diet and its not easy. Haven't eaten bread, potatoes or rice for 2 weeks.
    Hope you get to have a bit of fun this weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  10. If it makes you feel any better, I have some horrible days where I'm angry and to the point of gritting and clenching my teeth.

    I have no legitimate reasons for my attitude but it hangs around anyway.

    I feel for you because you do have legitimate reasons for being moody. You're trying so hard to do the right things. I wish you were getting better results. I guess you must try to get satisfaction from knowing the exercise is doing good things for you even though it might not seem obvious.

    Can you have a few nibbles of your favorite foods without affecting your illness too much?

    You do deserve a bit of variety in your diet. We all need that.

    You're in my thoughts.

  11. Oh, I hear you, girl. I HEAR you on the freaking veggies and chicken. UGH. If you do decide to do yourself in with a vat of chocolate, please invite me. We can make it a double suicide. As long as it's dark. If it's milk, you're on your own! ;)

  12. Hi sweet Lia. Thanks for your comments on Dayspring, or what's left of it. GRRRRRRR to Blogger right now.

    I've set up shop at: See you there my dear!

    I so hope you're feeling better today.


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