Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hide and Seek

Hello Lovelies,

Don't you all you beautiful today. I found you all.

For some reason known only to blogger your comments were not coming up on my page and I thought you had all abandoned me on mass.

Which I know sounds daft as a brush (why are brushes daft, not that I have ever met a really clever one or it would have a far better job than sweeping up dirt.....,I have the oddest of feelings that I might just have answered my own question......oh well I digress!).

But not having seen any of you all for days 12 to be precise I was beginning to think that I had broken some unknown to me golden rule of blogging and as a result you had all been so mortified and offend that you were all showing your disapproval of my behaviour by not indulging me with your company.

I really did think that I was on some sort of blogging Mary Celeste.

But come the morning and cometh the comments you have all left me, there they all were. You have left me 31 comments over the past 12 days and I only got one of them, how very odd.
Do you think it was the powers that be at blogger blocking them all because I threatened to take my blog elsewhere or just the Spring fairies being a little naughty.

What ever it was I am so terribly pleased to see you all still love me, yippee!!!!!!

I have loads to blog about, wait till you hear what happened when some stupid ignorant woman called me a cougar!!!!!! Or exactly what I think of Mersea Island in Essex.
And don't get me started on David Cameron quoting J F Kennedy "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country" speech at me this lunch time!!!!!!!
Can I please go live on the Moon until the election is over, it's driving me nuts already, never before have I been so confused by politics.
It would appear to me right now that they are all the same out for them selves party, just with different colours!!!!! They seems to be very little differences between them all.

Well I am very pleased to find you all again and am off now to swim for a while.
Oh and I so want to tell you about Nordic Walking that I recently found out about and my new volunteering thingy that I am doing this year.

Love ya all and so missed you, should have known better that you wouldn't just abandon me.
Much love


  1. We certainly wouldn't abandon you.

    I'm so glad that you're back in business again with your blog. I was frantic to come to your aid.

    I can't wait to hear of all that's been going on in your life.

    Have a groovy day, Lia.

  2. Blogger.com can be so frustrating. I am glad everything is back in working order daaaaaaahling. I can imagine it was kind of upsetting, I mean, I LOVE getting my comments!
    *kisses* HH

  3. blogger can be very whimsical indeed !
    I wondered if you went to get some of these pineberries...apparently, they're only sold in England at the moment...
    Have a great day ! :-)

  4. I'm so glad that you got Blogger to work. I got a pair of Nordic walking poles several years ago but never really used them. I hope to hear about you adventures in walking!

  5. Lia the cougar eh? I can't wait :)

  6. Oh you must have been so pleased to know that it wasn't something you said. I would have closed my blog down in a strop I think if I thought no-one loved me enough to comment. So well done you for hanging on in there, cause we've been here not knowing that blogger was ill treating you with it's nasty witholding comments.
    Good to know you can read us again, at least I hope so!!!
    I'm so with you on the whole damned election thing. So if there's a spare seat in your moon rocket count me in!

  7. Abandoned you? ABANDONED YOU?!? You must be kidding!!! No way, no how, not ever. No siree Bob. Never gonna happen. However, Blogger makes it very difficult sometimes. GRRRRRRR!!! It really is making me crazy. Whatever they're doing over there in the Google offices to cause so much trouble I hope they stop soon.

    Today is the first day in a week I've been able to get to your comment page honey - just so ya know. I think we should pick another blog service for our cupcake house don't you? We can't be having all these troubles when we move in there. :) It's supposed to be a happy house!

    Ok, gonna try and send this comment now. Wish me luck...fingers crossed!

  8. BTW your new post won't come up. it only shows up as this last one when I came by.
    Blogger really does seem to have it in for you!

  9. *laughing*

    Silly gurl....

    Ah, the adventures of the Moof Monster. Occasionally he chomps on the comment numbers or eats a remark or two I leave...but really, he's just a playful fella--he means no harm. :-)


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