Monday, 12 April 2010

Was It Something I Said?

Hello Darlings,

Did I say something to upset each and every one of you?
Only according to my post edits no-one has been near me since the 4th of April which is 12 days ago!!!!!

You are still all out there, I know you all are as I have been leaving you comments, but for some reason you lot have sent me to Coventry.

Now I'm more than sure that Coventry is a nice place to visit but I wasn't planning on moving there any time soon.

So what is it?

Do I look fat in this blog?
Am I just boring ?
OR worse than boring have I upset you all, was it something I said????????????????


  1. I know I left a comment on the dancing man, but blogger says 0 comments. No you're never boring, Can't imagine any thing you could or would say that would offend me. I'll keep trying. BTW the dancing man had me chuckling all day.

  2. 12 days? I'm sure I've popped in! Although I don't remember Laurel & Hardy ... but I'm sure I have because you're at the end of my blogroll so I usually start with you. (Obviously!)

    Anyway, no, I'm not upset. Hope you're not either!

  3. No, no, no. You have done nothing to upset me. If I missed any of your blog posts, it was unintentional. I'm always interested in what you have to say.

    I'm certain that's the case with everyone but I can only speak for myself.

    Don't fret any longer. You are a dear and should always feel that way.

  4. Hi Lia, Sorry I overlooked your last blog. I've been burdened with other stuff lately. It's tax time here in the US. I can't handle the Federal tax so I assemble all the stuff and take it to a friend who does it for me. I thought I could handle the Minnesota State Tax form on my own, but I got overwhelmed by the second line and had to get another friend to do it. I always say that I'm a words person and not a numbers person.
    Do you have National Income taxes in England?

  5. I left you a message or in fact two. They aren't getting to you for some reason.

  6. Oh Lea, it's not you, in fact I looked and the comment that I left for you on your last post is not there! I think blogger is the one who doesn't like you! I told you how I thought the guy's dancing looks more like running.
    Hope you get this message.......

  7. This is my second comment I've posted. The first one didn't work. I wonder if that's not the problem. I'm gonna try this again!

  8. :-P

    Now you're being silly.

    I've been and watched the dancin' fellas. But I believe that was through 'google reader' and I got no further, thanks to the calling of the lawn that needed mowed, the garden that needed edged and weeded and the little table that needed another coat of paint in order to make the summer season for one more year. (I LIKE that little table--fits perfect with the chair swing! Throw it out and get a new one....pshaw!)

    It's spring! (finally)

  9. Oh Blogger, what has happened to your once fun blog service?

    It's crashing down around us Lia. Run quick! To the cover of the cupcake house!

    I'm sorry you've inherited my Blogger troubles. I didn't mean for you to get them...


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