Monday, 19 April 2010

Media Volcanos.

Hello Lovelies,

Had a great weekend and will tell you more about it as soon as I find the cable to the camera and can up load the photos. Look it's here in this house somewhere, but it's a very naughty cable and is hiding somewhere. Really it's not me who has misplaced it, what sort of slovenly housewife do you take me for!!!!!!!!! Answers on a postcard please.

Am sick to death of listening to people moaning about the unpronounceable volcano and the nightmare it is causing. If you listen to the news it's all the Governments fault and certainly Gordon Browns fault.
Yeah right, Gordon Brown set off the volcano and is now mucking it all up.

Fact -it's a natural disaster, nothing anyone could do.
Fact- people are stranded, but the Government didn't ground the planes, The European Organisation For The Safety Of Air Navigation, also known as Eurocontrol are the guys that closed the skies.
Now if you don't know who these guys are let me put it to you this way, they have more powers that any government when it comes to the safety of our planes flying over Europe and when they say they are closed they mean it. That means that even our military can fly, unless the Government over rule them, due to a state of emergency, which frankly this isn't. There is also talk that we will run out of food on our news. God the media people are driving me nuts.

If your reading this in a country outside of the European Union and think it doesn't effect you, try flying into London, Paris, or Rome today and see how far you get. Our Prime Minister couldn't take off today and Mr Obama himself couldn't land here if he wanted to.
The media are fixating on the Government and it's involvement, they have to do what they are told and right now it's grounding the planes and waiting.

In the meantime they Government are to send out 3 Navy ships to rescue the Brits stranded abroad and that in itself is an adventure, normally you can't get anywhere near these ships.
The ships HMS Ark Royal, HMS Ocean and HMS Albion are heading for Spain and unspecified Channel ports. I'm not sure that I would be happy about being stuck abroad, but I wouldn't say no to a trip home aboard one of these. (Dances round house singing, All the nice girls love a sailor)!!!!

As usual in this country, or so it would appear in ever increasing volumes, the media is going mad over all this. They have reported that the last plane to fall out of the sky because of volcanic ash was in the 1980's, well frankly my dear I don't give a damn. You see I don't want one single plane to fall out of the sky, not even a teeny tiny little one and certainly not one loaded with adults and children. A friend of mine has one of her kids stranded abroad right now and while it's not ideal at least that child is safe. My friend said that she doesn't care how long it takes to get her child home so long as they arrive here safely.

Above is a photo of the ash cloud taken on April 17th, top left of the photo is Iceland and you can just see it, the rest of the white cloud is a volcanic ash cloud.

Above is where the cloud is now and where they expect it to be tomorrow, scary when you see it like this. Looks like a case of the UK being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but short of moving the country I guess we are just stuck under it for now.

Thing is it's not just a job of keep the skies safe, what about those of us on the ground. Not sure I would have enough tea-bags in the house for 400passengers who just happen to drop in.

Can you imagine the headlines around the world if one single plane comes down because the media are running the show right now. I swear to God I always thought that the reason for Govenerments was to sort this type of thing out. Not the sodding Newspapers or programme editors.

The World has seen the devastation of what can happen when planes are brought down over major cities. The thought of another 9/11 should be enough of all of us to stop moaning, the media to stop over dramatising this and for us all to find a way to help anyone stuck any where in the world right now.

Lets bring loved ones home safely, if not on time, it's the right thing to do. Life is far too short and precious to be messed around with, just because the media think they know what's best for us all or that they know better than the powers that be doesn't make them right and who are they exactly to try and run the show. The media can sit around all day pontificating and frankly that does seem to be what's on the agenda, but the safety of us all, both in the air and on the ground must be the first priority of any government.

Oh well am off swimming now. By the way it is eerily quiet in the skies over London, normally from where we live we can see them and here them stacking up over London waiting to come in.
Very reminiscence of 200, but thankfully not for the same reason.

I hope everyone gets home safely and soon.
much love

This photo is just what can happen when planes were sitting on the tarmac after the volcano
Mount Pinatubo, erupted in the Philippines.
View of World Airways DC-10 aeroplane sitting on its tail because of weight of ash on June 15, 1991.
Cubi Point Naval Air Station. USN photo by R. L. Rieger. June 17, 1991.


  1. we were talking about it with friends yesterday...well who doesn't ? some English people here are taking bus + train to go back to England...quite an adventure !
    You're right, if i were blocked here in Spain, i'd just stay on !!

  2. Can I have a maid like that, please?

  3. Is that the name of the volcano? Good grief! I don't envy the news presenters.

  4. I agree that the news media can hype things above all reason. It's sad that people are being stranded in foreign countries but it's nowhere near the tragedy of a plane-load of people going to their deaths. A little perspective here, folks?

  5. The news here has been showing those who are stuck in our international airports. Most have been sleeping under the stairs and such since they've ran out of money for hotels. Seems to me that a slow boat would be better than a non flying airplane but then I love cruises!

  6. Even I, the one who doesn't bother with the news, have heard allllllll about the volcano.

    *shaking head* A bit of land time is a good thing. I mean, I understand the frustration of the grounded who just want to get home-- But blame is just is what it is.

    Cord--in the kitchen's junk drawer maybe?
    Refrigerator? (Put my cellphone in there once so it is NOT out of the question.....LOL)

  7. I hope your swim washed away all the talk of ash you've been immersed in. Your post is interesting, amusing and informational; you go girl.

  8. Absolutely brilliant writing my dear! I love when you write like this, I really do. Ohhhhh I guess I am a fan of your writing because I say that a lot. You're so intelligent and thoughtful Lia. I adore you!

    And I completely agree with you. I listened to CNN all day yesterday as I was sewing purses and the news of the volcano took up most of it. Well that, and the fact that it was the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Why I continued to listen all day is beyond me. I think it would be much easier on me if I just got the news from you Lia. Would that be ok?

  9. Dear Lia,
    Our son and daughter-in-law came home from the States last Monday but our daughter is in Australia. She is going to Bali for a week tomorrow and, I hope that the flights are back to normal when she returns at the end of the month. I doubt it though, as all of the flights will have stacked up. I am in total agreement with you though. We want everyone to be safe. XXXX

  10. Oh I agree. Just think what would be said if the planes were flying and anything happpened to any of them, the media frenzy about the government being reckless would know no bounds.


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