Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Advice Please Ladies

Hello Lovelies,

Thanks for all your comments on the last post. The planes are back in the sky over London. But there are very few of them and it is still strangely quiet.. You see we live right on top of city airport and there has been nothing in or out of there for days.
I have noticed the bird song much more which is enjoyable.

I found the camera cable and am sorting out a few things to show you, so watch this space.

Ladies I need some advice. I have always had rather nice natural nails. They have never been overly long, but I have always despite my job kept them nice and during holidays I have even managed to grow them longer.

Problem is that since I got in the pool they have gone to pot, completely.
So much so that even Francis has commented on how dreadful they look.
They look like I have been gnawing on them, something I have not done since early childhood.
They keep splitting down the nail, not across as is normal but down it which is so painful.

Do any of you have any advice as to how I can stop this or do you know of any really good products I can use to strengthen the nails.

The photo's above show you how bad they have got and I really don't like them looking like this, so if you do know of any products that can help with this please let me know.

Off swimming
much love


  1. Hello there daaaaaahling,
    Well its obviously the chlorine working its magic. Maybe some kind of super strength top coat would work? I'm not sure on this one.
    *kisses* HH

  2. Raw jelly eaten is supposed to be good cause of the gelatine strengthening them.
    If you go for a manicure they will take some of the ridges out where the splits are which will help. Otherwise file them the minute there is any white showing in a squaoval shape in one direction only.
    God h
    luck in getting them to stop splitting , they hurt don't they!

  3. Sorry no help here since I have the same problem too. Though I would tend to agree that you need a super top coat on each nail to protect it from all the chlorine.

  4. I did an internet search for you. Check out this site:

    At the home page, look on the left side and click on Forum Archive.
    At the bottom of that page, you'll see Quick Search. To the right of the word Topic, is an empty box. Enter chlorine in the box, click GO.
    Click on 1. chlorine and you'll find some answers to your questions.

    Basically, I think the Natural Nails Growth Formula sold on the website would be helpful. There are other suggestions too but brush on nail strengtheners don't sound like they'd actually help.

    Good luck with following my directions!!

    Keep swimming no matter what, OK?

  5. Well, shoot. I'm of absolutely no help whatsoever--but it sounds like Shaddy has you pointed in the right direction. I have the ridged, splitting nail thing going on, but it's a nutrition problem. *sigh* Geeze, I don't like having to admit that....

    Wet suit with gloves maybe?
    LOL See!! NO help whatsoever!! But I'm glad you found the cable--dare we ask what interesting place it was found at? ;-)

  6. Dear Lia,
    Now, you might not like this advice but, you will HAVE to go and look at the QVC website. I want you to know that I don't watch QVC but, they have some great beauty products at brilliant prices.
    There are many nail products but the best are, O.P.I, Leighton Denny and Nail's Inc. and the have collections so, you get treatment, handcream, cuticle cream etc in many different combinations.
    O.P.I have a product called Nail Envy which is really good. You don't have to buy it from QVC as all of these companies have their own web sites, but QVC are cheaper.
    Try the nail envy from O.P.I first. You can probably get it in John Lewis or House of Frasier or similar department stores. Hope that helps. XXXX

  7. Your bad nails look better than mine do normally! So I am not a good person to give advice. Sorry.

    Hope you solve your problem. xx

  8. It's me again, Lia.
    I've looked it up on QVC and you can buy Nail Envy with Avoplex cuticle oil for £14.76. The item number is 211 860 or, buy it separately in a department store. Also, you should file them with a glass nail file, as you can file backwards and forwards with a glasds file and you don't damage the nails. XXXX


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