Sunday, 20 June 2010

Boo!!!!! Tiggers Back.

Hello Lovelies,

Bet you all thought that I had dropped of the face of the Earth.
Ok! Ok! I'll give you the fact that I did for a while there and I guess I really do owe you all an explanation for my long absence.

I did decide to take a bit of time away from blogging, as I felt that I was going a bit stale and was in danger of boring you all to sleep or worse. I had some articles that I was going to write up for you all and then take a month off. In the hope that I would come back all bright and sparkly again. Got a bit more than I bargained for.

I woke up one morning swollen and puffed up and with symptoms of a serious hang over...which is all well and good if you drink, but I don't. I was also a grey colour and felt very very weak. I had been feeling a little unwell for a few days, but nothing like before, so had put it down to maybe over doing it in the gym.
Then I got sick for a week or so and then I got really ill, which made me depressed a bit and all I really wanted to do was pull the covers up over my head and lie down for a very very long time.

Having done so well to get better and to find my life back in my hands again, it came as a total shock to find that I couldn't even get my head off the pillow and that I was now having to add chronic fatigue to the list of things fibromyalgia has given me to deal with.

Now I will admit that I was bloody totally miserable and felt that I had worked so hard to get better that this was undeserved and so I definitely wallowed in self pity, not that I really knew that I was doing so at the time. That took me a little longer to work out...gosh I am silly at times.

I did learn that wallowing around in self pity wasn't actually going to make me one tiny bit better and that in fact I had helped myself into misery faster than the fibromyalgia was going to let me out of it. They say that misery likes company, I would like to add that misery very much enjoys the company of fibromyalgia and in fact they actually became very good friends, went on holiday together and have now moved into a flat, set up home and brought a dog.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously that's how well they got along.

Sooner or later I had to come back to my senses and stop being a baby about it all. As you know by now I don't really want to let this stupid fibromyalgia beat me and in general like to give it a run for it's money. I think I got complacent with it. I had done really well and really did think this was going to be as easy as the England football team in the World cup to beat, but it appears that fibromyalgia is a World cup champ at this game and it cheats as the lines men and referee seem to be on it's side.

I have been up and about now for about ten days now and can honestly say that I am almost back to normal, unsure what normal is any more, but I am more myself than I have been. So I would say I am as normal as I can expect to be.

My fighting spirit has been restored and I now realise that taking my eye off the ball and not keeping my head in the game is not something I have any desire to repeat. I have an action plan now, basically I am going to take a big bat and beat the hell out of this illness at every possible turn. I have worked out that keeping a diary of events and foods and rest is going to be a good idea.

I'm not now, never have been and most certainly will never be a girl who has a routine, which is by all accounts exactly what I am suppose to have in order to stay on top of it.
I'd go mad if I had to do the same thing every day for the rest of my life, it's so not me.
I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl.

Anyway I'm back and fighting on. Misery and fibromyalgia can carry-on living happily together, but threes a crowd and I have no intention of moving in with them again.

I have missed you and thought about you all and thank you for the e-mails which I found a few days ago, along with all your concerned comments on my last post.
I'm truly sorry to have worried you all and to be honest I really should have been more considerate of you all and your feelings towards me. I have no excuse as I said I was busy wallowing in self pity, not a pretty thing to do and certainly not a considerate thing to do.
I can only apologise and promise to not do it again.

Much love to you all and I look forward to catching up with you all



  1. Glad you are back!!!!
    My bad case senerio had something to do with the bad neighbor and prison. Glad I was wrong!

  2. Welcome back,Lia.
    So sorry that you have been poorly but pleased that you are feeling much better and have got your fighting spirit back.
    The blogging world is not the same without you in it.
    Look after yourself, Lia and I look forward to more posts. XXXX

  3. What a relief! I missed you so!

    I'm sorry for your troubles and wish I could take them way from you. I can totally understand how you would get depressed about your illness and what it does to you. I would wonder, why me?

    I'm glad you're feeling strong and have a great mental attitude to help you in the future.

    Don't ever worry that your posts are boring! They never, ever are that.

    Welcome back, my friend.

  4. Welcome back Lia. Stay strong.

  5. Well THERE you are! I was counting on it being health issues (concerned at one point the baseball bat got pulled on the neighbors, but it was just a fleeting thought! LOL At least I wasn't alone in it? LOL).

    I'm very clear I get the option to 'sit in my s**t and stink' for just as long as I want to. I'm fortunate to have surrounded myself with loving, honest people who care more about my LIFE than my poor little fragile feelings. LOL In other words, they bother to tell me when I'm indulging in 'self pitying BS' and I get to choose. I used to be wayyyyyy better at wallowing. Musta been cuz no puppy was purchased? LOL Dunno...I just know that I've gotten way worse at wallowing in the more recent past (for which I'm grateful!).
    UNlike you, I'm a creature of routine--wasn't...had to learn to be to stay one step ahead of this 'stuff'. I've discovered 'routines' aren't prison sentences--I hope you discover the same thing. They've actually been quite helpful. (shhhhh...don't tell that I said that!)

    In any case--SUCKS that chronic fatique happened--but GET UP and get on with it. Life's too freaking short, yaknow?

    (LOL Very few people confuse me with a 'compassionate person'...for reasons! LOL)

    Hang in there--and if you need a cheering squad--consider us IT. :-)

    *going to look for pom-poms now!*

  6. Hey Lia, nice to see you back!

    (If you want us to stop worrying about you, just put up a post saying "Be Back Later" .... Not that we won't worry anyway of course, because we'll wonder what's keeping you away. But we'll know it's planned, at least :) )

  7. OMG! Whew!!! What a relief!!! You have no idea how much I think of you my dear. Thank you for writing this post. I am so sorry you have to go through things like this. I've really missed you Lia :)

  8. Oh you poor thing! Welcome back!

    Don't knock the self-pity too much. we all need a bit of it sometimes. And if it gets lonely and you want out, call on us, your bloggy buddies.

  9. Just want ya to know you're being thought about and prayed for.

    <-- does that kinda stuff....LOL

  10. Can I just say it's been more than a chunk of time and I've tried to 'not borrow troubles'....

    Maybe just a wee 'check in' folks aren't fretting.....

  11. Hi Lia,
    Just a little hello and to say that I hope all's well. Am thinking of you. XXXX

  12. AND another drive by 'hello'...just checking up and checking in....

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