Monday, 25 May 2009

Tidy Up A Bit.

I have been busy this week, but during the quiet moments, I have reintroduced myself to poetry. You and I can both thank the BBC for this, as I have found the whole poetry season a complete joy. So here is one of my favorites, I hope you like it, as for me this sort of sums up my outlook on life. There are some things in life we should throw away,the pain, the anger, the misery, the bad words, the hurtful people, but there are so many many blessings and treasures that we should hold on to, grip them tightly with both hands and protect them keeping them safe, the first time you hold your child, the love of parents, siblings, lifelong friends, truth, trust, honesty, the love of a great partner, the companionship of a pet, the laughter, the kindness.

Most of all though we should hold on to our strength of spirit and soul.

( By Rosy Beltrão )

I was in need of a self cleaning ...
To dispose of some unwanted thoughts, washing some treasures that were kind of rusty...
So I removed from the bottom of the drawers memories that I don't use and no longer want !
Threw away some dreams , some illusions ...
Gift wraps I never used, smiles I never gave; threw away the anger and the rancor of dry flowers that were inside a book I never read.
I looked at my future smiles and my aspired happiness...and I placed them on a corner, neatly.
I lost my patience!
Removed everything from inside the closet and started throwing them on the floor : hidden passions, suppressed desires, horrible words that I wish I had never said, grudge against a friend, memories of a sad day...
But there were other things in there too ... beautiful things !!!!
A bird singing at my window sill ... that silver moon , the sunset ...
I started to rejoice and to enjoy , looking at each one of those memories.
I sat on the floor to be able to make my choices.
I threw right on a garbage bag the remains of a love the hurt me. Took the words of anger and pain that were on the top shelf, because I rarely use them and put right in the same bag.
Some other things that still hurt me I put on the side to see what I am going to do with them. If I forget them right there or if I send them to the dumpster.
Then , I went to that corner ; to that drawer we keep everything that matters: the love , the happiness, the smiles , a little bit of faith for the moments we need the most.
How wonderful it was to remember all that !!!!
I gather LOVE with care , folded WISHES neatly, sprayed HOPE with some perfume , dusted the shelf that holds my goals and left them exposed in order not to loose sight of them.
Placed on the bottom shelves some childhood memories , on the top drawer the ones from my teenage years and hanging right in front of me I placed my ability to love ...
And most of all , my ability to START ALL OVER ...

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