Friday, 29 May 2009


These are the Chinese symbols for mother and daughter, I am thinking of having tattooed.

There is an amazing woman in my life, who is the single most important woman in my World.

Her name is Patricia, she is 5ft 5in, takes size 8 clothes (UK sizes), has short mahogany hair,(well that's the colour this week) in a really young and funky style. She has the biggest most expressive brown eyes you will ever see, she's very pale skinned and proud of it, has the tiniest feet, which she hates, but are so cute. She dresses modestly, but is very much a trendsetter. Never showing too much flesh.

Patricia is feisty, kind, loyal, a complete pain in that rear at times. Has a temper that is scary at times, but she can hold her own with the best of them. She is self motivated, works hard, even if her job is not the one she dreamed of having.

Patricia is so utterly funny at times and cracks me up. She has a strong morale code, lives by her principals and beliefs, never failing to remember who she is and where is comes from.

Patricia is a rare mixture of a modern young woman, with old fashioned morality.
A woman who is cape able of baking the lightest of Victorian sponges and while waiting for that to cook, can change her own car wheels. She is a tomboy who is also very feminine

The poem above sums up my feeling for this wonderful and beautiful creature, who while at times drives me mental and stresses me and at other times amazes and makes my heart burst with joy and pride.

Who is daughter

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