Thursday, 25 June 2009

Not Such Great News.

News from our end is not so great today, I'm sorry to say.

When Frances came home last night, I am ashamed to say that I didn't notice straight away that there was something wrong with him, I was busy in the garden, (but the reason for that is another post) so we didn't really talk, I asked him to go to the fish and chip shop to get tea, honestly we don't do that very often, as I prefer to cook, but was so busy. He moaned about it, not like him at all, to moan about trivial things, that's my job.

Anyhow, my sister was here helping in the garden and as we finished rather late, I said I would drive her home. Again he moaned about this, most unusual, so I just put it down to a hard/bad day at work. On the way back Frances decided to tell me that it is possible that as of next week, we will have no work.

This is due to many of the big housing developers, who are cutting back so much that it is now seriously biting into our way of life. Apart from me *having* to give up work in November 08, we have largely manage to stay one step ahead of the recession, but it would seem it has now well and truly caught up with us.

One of our main sources of employment has said that it may only be a blip, till they get to the other side of their tax year, which is July, but it still leaves us up in the air, looking down at sh*te creek and not a paddle between us. Ok, so I have the inter-net business, but while it is doing well it is still in it's infancy, so doesn't cover all our living costs.

I am sure we will find away around this, but right now as a result it looks like our holiday in July is on hold and we will not be escaping this weekend, as we really can't justify spending money, we may well need in the next few weeks.

But mostly it's Frances I really feel for right now. He's very serious about taking care of me, my family and our home and has never ever had to do unemployment, he has worked since leaving school. Anytime off work has been 'cos he wanted to be off work and not 'cos it was forced upon him. He phoned me at 10:30 am, as usual today and he has been phoning around looking for work, but has drawn a blank so far. Then there's the fact that we do actually paint domestic houses for clients and have a fair few regulars, but even these people aren't calling.

So at this moment in time we have nothing booked and the contractors we do work for have put their own hold on our work.

I am worried, not about money, housing bills and food, etc, but rather what this will do for a man who takes his commitments to his family and wife (ok, we're not married, but you get what I mean) I just hope things work out for him and he doesn't lose heart.


  1. Oh Lia, that's grim! Poor Francis. When it hits the man who's worked all his life you know it's really hitting home. I do hope something turns up.

    In the meantime I'm sure you'll be doing everything you can to encourage him; I hope he lets you in, shares his anxieties and lets you help.

  2. We are very good at talking things out and do work very much as a team, so I am hoping this will continue through this bad patch.

    I am not sure if you are aware that we are an age gap couple, me being the old one!!
    But your right, he has always worked.His arguement being that if he was going to get into a relationship with an older woman, then he better step up and be responsible, so he always has and he's done a mighty fine job of it all as well, especially since I had to give up work.

    But this will be a blow to him.


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