Friday, 3 July 2009

The Most Beautiful House In The World.

I use to be lucky enough to get to travel to America and I have to say that had I known that this house existed I would have marched right on in there, taken up squatters rights and never have left without a fight.

So I guess it's just as well that I never knew about it, or I would be in a whole heap of goo!!!!!

Frank Lloyd Wright speaks to my heart, in fact he speaks to my soul.
I was desperate to be an architect, but this was back in the days when your folks told you what to do and I simply wasn't allowed. I have thought long and hard about becoming one since and it is often popped into my head that I really should do it.

However; real life has always got in the way and while I do understand how a building components work and marry up to each other and I have worked on many of this Countries great buildings, it really is no help to me and every time I have applied for university, it has been the time and expense that has stopped me from being able to complete. It takes an age to study and is so expensive, because of the amount of time it takes.

Oh well maybe in my next life.

Here's a couple of YouTube's about it, one is a tour and talk about it the other is an animated film of it being built


  1. Thanks Lia - that's beautiful! Never, ever heard of Fallingwater - what an achievement - love the graphic clip. Was imaganing what it must have been like for the occupier - wow!! xx

  2. I have loads of books on Frank Llyod Wright, I think he is one of the most amazing people of the last century, although in fairness he was born in

    He also designed the Guggenheim in New York.
    Google him, you will be amazed.
    much love
    Lia xxx


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