Sunday, 28 June 2009

I Never Said I Was Perfect pt3

Oh my gosh, I seriously doubt this will ever end. Here's the latest twist.

I have been a member of a forum for a little over a year now, I have made some great friends and learnt so much and have overall enjoyed the whole experience.
It is in fact where I found my unstable friend, but it's not the forums fault, they are a really nice bunch in there.

I went in most days and became very friendly, interacting with people and generally messing about like an over grown kid, it was a happy and comfortable place to be.
My daughter recently joined and Frances joined a few months back, while I posted heaps they tended to read it and post a little, in fact Patricia, had to my knowledge barely posted.

Well yesterday,I went to log in to find that I was banned, with a note telling me it was because I was a bully, then Frances did the same and got the same response, next was my girl, you guessed it, her as well.
I contacted another on-line friend who is on this forum site and she was told that I was bullying the unstable woman and that was why I was banned and that it was related to my unstable friend. Yet I haven't posted in there for 23 days.

So that, that then another stab in the back and there was me trying to work out whether or not I was in the wrong and had caused her to have a breakdown.
This unstable woman, also MSNed one of my on line buddies and told her I was a bully, when the friend replied "your wrong" the unstable woman came back with "we were friends before you knew her, before you ever met" it was at this point that my online friend decided to block her, that and the line about how I had ruined her life and she was going to kill herself, as that appears to be what I wanted.

I want the madness to end, this is personal now, my character does not need to be trashed anymore. Whose bulling who here!!!!!!


  1. hey lia dont let the crazy ass woman get you down ;-) oo and look i got an account so i can leave comments :D love you loads xx

  2. I love you too you crazy woman and it looks like you need to get that gardener of yours to sort out a space in your garden for me to camp, I'm coming your way any day soon xxx


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