Saturday, 5 September 2009

3 Wheels On My Wagon

Well I now have 3 pages for the web site, I just wish the program was written in English.
Ok to be fair, it is written in English, but not any form of it that makes sense to a single living person, past or present or future for that matter. It's some sort of foreign English.
Did I tell you I have 3 pages now.................................

I have taken measures to stop the foul swear words from escaping my mouth, it's called duct tape or gaffer tape, depending where you are from. I get up in the morning and wrap my mouth in it.
Mind you the swearing and shouting that, 'I have to do bloody well do everything round here' and two nights in a row of take aways, seems to have now woken the family up a bit, as while out at the supermarket yesterday my lovely boys cleaned the house for me.

Did I tell you I have 3 pages now...........

Now don't be patting them on the back just yet, they did have an ulterior motive.
I must have the only family in history, who don't like take aways. Or at lest they don't like them often, certainly not two nights in a row and are obviously fearful of three nights. So while you are sitting there think, oh so sweet what lovely boys, supporting their mum. What they are actually saying is, "Get in the kitchen woman, we are not going to eat rubbish take away 3 nights in a row, 'cos your lost in cyber space, oh and we do love you. Now cook"

Did I say I have 3 pages now.

I won't get much else done today as I have to attend a craft fair in Dover this afternoon.
Last time I went to Dover, they brought nearly everything I had, while I hope that happens today, I am a little fearful of what I will have to sell on the web, as I have no back up stock, which will then give me the nightmare of trying to sell, build the web and make new stock.

Did I tell you that I have 3 pages now............

Oh well off to Dover now, happy Saturday every one,

and did I tell you I have 3 pages now...................................


  1. *laughing*

    Well then....prepare the household for more cursing and more take-away.
    Somehow I have the feeling that sales will be good in Dover and you'll still have three pages done. *laughing*

    Oh, you're a funny one.
    And bless the boys, even if the motives weren't pure, the house did get cleaned!

    Three're on roll! ;-)

  2. How many pages have you got now ?
    Don't stress Lia, your doing great...I think that you've got three pages now. The stress will be worth it in the end. ....that's three pages, isn't it ?
    Good luck at the Craft Fair today and enjoy take away number 3 !!!!....that's three pages you've got. XXXX

  3. Three pages is better than none.....And I would love it if the sons would clean just once....But they are just like your sons they would only do it for a reason. And like your sons it would probably be for me to cook or bake.

  4. LOL!

    Hooray! Good job girl!

    Have a fun day today!

  5. How many pages was that again? I hope you had a great day at Dover....

  6. I hope the craft fair went well. How many pages was that?

    My family love takeaways but probably not as much as I do!


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