Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jacqueline Tagged me!!!

I got tagged this week by the lovely Jacqueline over at Home.

Jacqueline is great and funny, if you haven't visited her yet, give yourself a treat and go and see her, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Anyway, Jacqueline tagged me. I panicked there for a little while and thought oh my god, what if I let her down and I went and hit behind the sofa for a while, like a big fat blubbering baby.

"What if I get this wrong , what if I let her down"

Francis (with an i) told me to stop being a wuss and get on with it, after all she wasn't asking me to run naked down the high street, signing at the top of my voice, it's a simple request and something fun to do.

Here's what you do.

1 - Open the fourth file where I store my photos.
2 -Pick the 4th photo.
3 - Explain the photo.
4 - Pass challenge onto 4 other bloggers.

I'm such a baby at times (says she rolling her eyes at her own stupidity)

So there it is above, the fourth photo, from the fourth file.

This is one of my own creations and was made for my beautiful daughter Patricia.
It was made to represent the English rose that she has grown into and was also part of her 21st birthday prezzies.
Each setting for the beads were made by me from silver wire and many of our friends have said that it is one of my finest pieces of work. It maybe because I made it with love for her.
It is in fact only the second charm bracelet that I had made at the time. It maybe because I made it with love for her.
All the beads are glass or sterling silver, even the links were made by my hand.
When Patricia first tried it on, it fell straight off her wrist, I had made it to fit me really forgetting just how tiny my daughter is when compared to me and I had to remove a fair few links and re-jiggle the charms on it, but it is a perfect fit now. Plus I have fitted a safety chain to it so that even if it opens up, she won't loose it.
Best part is that everyone who sees it comments on it and it is uniquely hers.

Now to select the four of you to pass this on to, Mwhahahaha.

Shaddy over at Paper Cut Scream

Liz over at Finding Life Hard

Mel over at Melsdream

Mamma over at The Mamma Has Spoken

So there you go girls, you've been tagged, just don't go hide behind the sofa like I did.

Thanks jackie, your a doll.xx


  1. I really suck at these but I gave it a try. It's not very empressive but go read it. Be nice to me......

  2. Oh Lia. thanks so much for playing along with the tag....I'm so sorry that I put you through so much trauma ! You have filfilled your mission beautifully.What a lovely 4th picture from your 4th thingy whatsit!!! Your daughter must have been thrilled with her present and made with love by you..brilliant. I was a bit worried when I was tagged but it's actually a nice post to do because it usually brings back a lovely little memory, as it did for you. I've been tagged again but I wont ask you to do this one...I'll let you get over the trauma of this one first !!!! It's obviously got Mamma has spoken a bit worried too. I'll go over and give her an encouraging comment. Thanks so much, Lia for playing along..it doesn't hurt as much as you think, does it ???!!!!! XXXX

  3. Oh Jacqueline, take no notice of me, I'm just a huge baby who panics at the drop of a hat.
    You can tag me any time babes, then sit back and laugh, while I run around like a headless chicken.
    The family always say it's good entertainment.

    Anyway it was rather nice to do, so thank you for that.
    Much love,
    Lia xx


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