Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My Early Morning Call.

So the alarm went off at 5:30am, in fact it has gone off that time of the morning for years, mostly I wake before it. However since giving up work my mind has mostly switched off from the daily alarm.
Yet at lest 3 times a week it wakes me. You really would think that after all these years that it wouldn't bother me and in truth it wouldn't, if the adorable blue eyed sleeping beauty lying next to me, who goes by the name of Francis with an i, would just turn it off.

Oh no that's way too much to expect, himself chooses to put it on snooze, where's the problem you ask, 10 mins here or there, so what.
Well himself then keeps doing it and his normal time for getting out of bed is about 6:30 to 6:45am.
A whole hour after the stupid alarm goes off. It's not that I mind the alarm going off, I mean I don't go out to work anymore so I really could go back to sleep if I wished to, there's no problem there. But rather that I am sick to death of it happening.

Imagine if you car alarm went off, every blooming night for an hour or more - every ten minutes, how annoying would that be.

Francis with an i....I love you, I adore you, I worship the ground you walk on, but if you don't sort out the alarm, I swear I will take a hammer to it.
I will wait till it is your next day off and hide a load of alarms in and around the bedroom, all set to go off evey 10minutes for an hour or more.


  1. That would drive me insane too. So when you go to hide all the alarm clocks around his bed, you can let him know he drove you to it. Every 10 minutes, I would be up and out after the second one....

  2. I'm a very.......creative problem solver. *nodding* Knowin' I'd hide the alarm clocks! LOL

    If nothing else--for the fun of it. *laughing*

  3. I do the same thing as Francis with i! Not for an hour but about 30 minutes probably.


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