Friday, 11 September 2009

9/11 - My tribute.

This is the first year that I have had a blog and it is therefore my first 9/11 anniversary, in a public forum.
It is such a enormous event, that words fail me. But I really do feel a need to mark the day.
Every year since 9/11, I have lit a candle for those who were taken from us that day and I will continue to do so, just as I do for the victim of London's 7/7 bombings.

So as this is my first year blogging, please forgive me if I use someone else's words. Right now, I feel that they express how I feel about it all so much better than I could.

My heart flies out to those who lost their lives and to the loved ones left behind.
So hug your family tighter to you today and remember how lucky you truly are to be able to do that today. Make a phone call to someone you may not have spoken to for a while and let them know you still care.

But most of all, light a candle for the victims and never ever forget them. My they rest in peace.


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