Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Nutty's Madness

Look what the irrepressible Nutty sent to me, where would I be without that girl and her nuttiness.

To be fair she sent it a few days ago but it has taken me till now to work out how to upload it, so that you could all share in the madness.

This is yet another example of the mad things men get up to!!!!!!!!!


  1. *laughing laughing* Oh, thank you for that--the video......priceless!

    I needed that on this 'ughhhhhhhh.....not feeling the best' morning.

    And what a cool prezzie to send on. Yup.....she's a keeper that one!

  2. Hi Lia...posted some new recipes today...hope your doing well!!!

  3. What a perfect gift to get from Nutty! I'm at work so I can't listen to the video--the sound would alert the office that I'm not really working!!


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