Thursday, 17 December 2009

Snow In London.

It's snowing in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that's not big news to my American friends who are more than knee deep in the lovely white stuff.

But it's snowing in London!!!!!!!!

Off course I won't be allowed out in it, have already been told by the family that I must stay in after falling over so many times i February and badly bruising my head and hip.

But I don't care it's snowing in London and it's the first time it has snowed in London in December since 1986....we might get a white Christmas.

Mind you there is only about 1/2inch at the moment and Francis (with an i) has just had to move his car off our hill as the gritters can't or rather won't come down our hill. So that means if he is to go to work in the morning he simply must put the car on a bus route, they have to keep them clear.

Off course, when the snow gets to 1 inch deep the whole of London will grind to a halt, just like it did in February.
But I don't care, it's snowing in London and it's going to look beautiful.


  1. That's a beautiful picture!!! Snow looks much prettier there than here! Here it's just ugly and annoying and a pain in the butt! We've had a a very calm winter here so far and thank God there is not 6 ft of snow on the ground yet...

    I hope you enjoy the snow while it lasts! :)

  2. I agree that you should stay put so you have no more accidents.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the snowfall. I don't mind snow, in fact, I like it too. I just don't like winter temps when they drop below 20 degrees.

    Take care.

  3. It's snowing in London!! It's snowing in London!! YEAHHH and Woohoo!!!

    Seriously, I'm glad for you. I'd hate to hog it all. LOL Stay in and make 'em make ya a snowman...and some snowangels.....AND a snowball!! (be greedy....LOL)

    Happy snowing!!

  4. View from your craft room? That mean you go tthe spare bedroom, did I miss that?


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