Monday, 14 December 2009

Mondays and the Universe!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I have decided that I don't like Mondays! At lest this Monday anyway!

Woke up cold and alone, the beautiful one having left for work not wanting to disturb my sleep, ah bless. But it was most odd. You see most mornings I wake with the lovely Francis (with an i), I may not always get up when he does, as sometimes it's as early as 5am and now I don't have to get up at "stupid o'clock in the middle of the night" it's a real joy to go back to sleep, but we always have a cuddle and a kiss, so it was odd to wake up alone with no kiss.
The house was cold, as I had forgot to reset the heating timer and had somehow turned it off.
So there I am alone, cold and in the dark. Very odd way to start the day, totally not normal.
I checked the clock, only 7:28am, something is not right, way to quiet and rather spooky.
So I padded downstairs, to get a hot drink, put the heating on and call the sons up to start their day.

I found oldest son Ashley, sitting at the PC in the dinning room, sitting in the dark. He's due to go on a course for 13 weeks, long story, but he lost his job about 18months ago, at first we didn't worry as we thought it wouldn't be long before he was back at work, but then the credit crunch started to hit London and his line of work was harder to come by. He hates construction work and although he will and has gone to work with me, it's not really his "thing".
Anyway now the job center are sending him on a 13 week course and it is a bit far away and as I was going that way to the doctors today, I was going to offer a lift.

That was until I spoke to him and he chewed my head off. Ashley is the quiet, deep thinking one in the family and is also the one with the best manners, in fact they are impeccable, something I am very proud of. Only he didn't use them this morning, instead deciding that being rude to mother was a good idea, not when I'm cold, in pain and barely awake it's not.

Next thing I know I'm in a massive row with the one person in the house I don't row with!!!!!!
Harsh words were said, both of us, I'm not blameless in this. We had managed to wake up Callum and when Ashley went back to their room, he moaned about me, which then led to a row between those two, again an unusual event.
Ashley stormed out the house, to go to his course with not a word of good-bye! Very odd

I got myself together and headed for my car, only to find it boxed in by the hated neighbors. I had only about 4inches between the cars to get out, so I did, while they stood at their door watching and laughing. If nothing else those people have taught me how to park and get out again. When I got back, I parked it in the same place, I will not be bullied by those people.

Once I hit the main road I knew that I should have left a bit earlier. How long do you think it should take to go 7miles in London at 8:10am!!!!!!!!.....well now triple it and you are about right.
I crawled to my sisters, as she always goes with me, bless her.
Picked her up and crawled the 3miles to the doctors for my 9:30 appointment , it was now 9:28am...!hour and 18mins to go 7miles!!!!!!!!! I should have jogged it lol.
The doctors was good, we are all pleased with my progress so far. I have lost 11lbs, just by changing my diet a little and I am feeling a lot better. She sorted out my meds and I was on my way. Dropped my sister off and headed for home. The day was starting to look up.

By now the school run was well over the rush hours a dim and distant memory. (I say HOURS, as it starts here about 6am and goes on till 10am and that's on a good day!)
Never took into account the mad Christmas shoppers.
You'd think a nuclear bomb was about to drop on London. The amount of people out there driving badly and being rude was amazing today.
At one point there was a row in the road with men yelling at each other and using colorful words to describe each other. Some woman got involved, didn't they know they were stopping traffic and that she had shopping to do, the 2 men turned on her, then another woman in another car got involved. Horns were blaring, and I was looking for the pop-corn vendor. Another driver fed-up mounted the pavement and tried to force a bunch of teenagers out the way.
Now London teenagers are not to be messed with, they are streetwise, know their rights, quick to temper and aren't afraid to use them....or is that just ALL Londoners!!!
they have mobiles.....lots of them and can call for back-up faster than the Metropolitan Police, as well as getting a faster response time.

Yet more madness ensued, all around me teenagers poured into the road, drivers were getting more irate. I was sitting there thinking that it was like a scene from that film "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world"

There's a postman with a trolley, who can't get past for the teenagers and the car, an old man with a walking stick waving it around and a few mums with buggies, a row in the road another on the pavement and madness all around......not a copper in sight.
I caught the eye of a teenager and he smiled at me and gesture that it was madness, I laughed.
What can you do, it's just the madness of Monday. Eventually things calmed and the pavement driver move his car back off the pavement. Two boys cleared the way for the old man, the postman and the mums to pass the teenagers and some girls went over to the rowing drivers and calmed them down, saying that it was a bad example of adult behavior in front of the teenagers; and how were they ever to learn how to behave if adults didn't show them, they got back in their respective cars and another boy got the traffic to move and we were on our way again.

I looked to left and saw the boy who gestured towards me. We smiled at each other and laughed and he pointed upwards, there shining bright in the sky was a massive rainbow. I heard him shout and looked again and he was shrugging and saying "Mondays, never normal" while shaking his head.

Like I said London teenagers are streetwise, know their rights, are quick to temper and aren't afraid. We so called grown ups don't always see them as we should.
I'm thinking that they should move into banking next and maybe we could all get back to normal.

I finally got in at 11:35, only and 1hr and half to go 7miles!!!!!!!!!

By the way while I have been typing this, Ashley has phoned me, it went like this:-

Ashley: Mum!
Me: Can I help you?
A: Phoned to say sorry about this morning.
M: I'm glad to hear it.
A: I was a bit cranky this morning!
M: Only a bit..(laughing)
A: Yeah just a tad, shouldn't have taken it out on you, but I didn't sleep well. Sorry.
M: Well are you ok now?
A: I'm awake now (laughing)
M: How's it going?
A: Not bad! Are we ok mum?
M: Off course we are you cranky little git!
A: Ah! I see you still love me then!
M: Always, see you when you get home.
A: Ok mum,bye, love you.
M: Love you too son.

I have a theory about Mondays....... the Universe sends them to us, so that we can appreciate Tuesdays, Wednesday, etc etc........other wise how else are we expected to get through the week, in order to enjoy the weekend.

I'm home now, back in my squashed up car parking space and I'm NOT leaving the house again till Wednesday and after rush hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Lia,
    What a Monday you have had. I think that there was a little bit of everything in there. Glad that your health is improving, glad that you connected with teenagers and have reminded us that there are some good ones out there and glad that you made it up with Ashley. Lets hope that the rest of your week will be uneventful. XXXX

  2. Oh, what a busy Monday you had! And how brilliantly you told it. (ya poor thing!)

    You'll forgive the chuckling from over here, I assume. I had that "It's a Mad, Mad World" going through my brain before the posted photo scrolled into sight.
    Bless the teen who pointed out the rainbow and could smile his way through it all....and bless the son who bothered to ring and make sure things were good between the two of you.
    That's a rare and awesome thing!

    Oh......c'mon Tuesday!! LOL Wednesday even!!

  3. Your post makes me like the country even more!


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