Friday, 15 January 2010

The Mind Boggles!

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine who lives near by sent me the quote below from another neighbours blog. I have to say that I do not really like this other neighbour as I think she thinks she is above the rest of us and something special, well after reading this I can honestly say that my opinion of her still hasn't changed. During this bad weather spell and the one before Christmas we have gone to various elderly neighbours and checked that they are okay. I have phoned them to see that they don't need anything on an almost daily basis. I firmly believe that it is both our civic and moral duty to do so. This just astounded me, she spent 10mins pressing the old dear to go home, when in fact they were that close to the shops, she could have used that time to take her to the shop, help her shop and in another few short minutes be helping her home. As you may know we live on a hill, this is actually one of the biggest hills in London and you can not get anyway round here without having to go up or down steep and I mean steep hills to find flat, level ground. Something many of us with cars have been unable to do!!!!!!!


Thursday, 14 January 2010

2 weeks in...

Hello all, I'm back! We had a relaxing holiday in Scotland..mainly because we were snowed in and so couldn't do much. I have been following many blogs but mobile blogging made it hard to add comments.On Friday we returned to London.
After being stuck indoors for weeks, I made the monumentally stupid decision to take tot for a walk this morning. In the rain. And on the way, met a very silly neighbour who was inappropriately attired for walking about in rain with ice covering all the pavements. I had gone out in wellies, a fleece and raincoat. As I approached from behind pushing tot in her stroller I was a bit aghast that this elderly lady was inching her way down Cheriton Drive clinging to the wall. On asking if she needed help, she began to regale me about how unneighbourly others had been in not helping her. She was going to go to Woolwich. Not bloody likely love as you would probably kill yourself on the ice. After a few steps of trying to help her along, I spent about 10 minutes trying to convince her to turn back as even if I could help her reach the Co-op, who would help her on the way back. There was NO way she could manage it herself. She eventually agreed to turn back. I continued on our walk but even I had the sense to abandon it before the tot drowned in the rain." END QUOTE.

If that wasn't annoying me enough about this woman, she then goes on to say the below. Without thought or hesitation for what the old dear has already told her,
A- She NEEDS to go to the me this says that no-one has gone for her in the last couple of weeks
B- She has already said people have been unneighbourly...which is why she NEEDS to go to the shops
C-She jumps on the health and safety band wagon...Oh woe is me I might get hurt if I help someone.
D- She assumes that the old dear has enough money in her pension to pay out monies for shoes to walk on ice!!!!!

"Now, I'm a strong believer in assisting your neighbours, especially if they are elderly. And I think it's great that these ladies go about independently doing their shopping etc. (wow I sound a tad condescending now). However, I am also a bit annoyed if said neighbours take unnecessary risks. What if someone helps them and in turns gets hurt. She could have gone shopping later. Also, the snow's been about for a bit now, she could have got proper shoes for walking on slippery ice. And here's me thinking age brings wisdom." ...........END QUOTE.

Am I the only one who can not see this woman's strong belief in helping neighbours, especially if they are elderly?
I feel like killing her, the horrible mare couldn't be bothered to put herself out enough to help an elderly member of her own community and yet on her blog she will often bemoan the rudeness of others and complain that we have no community spirit.
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Hamlet Act3 scene 2.

I'd leave a message on her blog if I thought for one second I could do it without wanton swearing or if I felt it would make her wake up and smell the coffee. After all if you want a community I suggest you partake in caring for those around you, especially the elders and more vulnerable amongst us.
This is Britain 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG do you want me to drive down and we'll go round and lecture her on moral behaviour.
    What a baggage. She should be ashamed of herself. But I suspect she's way above all that being such a superior being.

  2. Stupid, unintelligent and selfish. !!!! XXXX

  3. Age certainly hasn't brought HER any wisdom!

  4. Agree that she was wrong with her assumptions about the elderly lady. Karama will come and bite her on the butt.

  5. *sigh*

    Yaknow--I don't know what drove the gal's decision making and I certainly would have made different choices.... I struggle with watching anyone (young/old, big/small, etc...) struggle unaided. It's just not who I am today.

    Now....I must admit, it was who I was once upon a time.
    I'm glad I've grown and stretched into the ME that I am today.
    I can look me in the mirror today and be 'okay'.

    I wish that gift for everyone--because THAT is 'freedom'.

    Stay warm and safe, ma'am.
    As much as I know you'd like to go out and play in the's a testimony as to how unsafe it is, yaknow?

  6. Oh, hasn't this weather been horrid? Hubby had a car accident this week when his car skidded on the ice (he's fine thank god). I sent him that pic with the bear on your site. It reminds me of him :D
    Thanks goodness its started to thaw. Stay safe and warm.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. some people just kinda suck


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