Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Boredom, Twigglets and Pink Things.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and keeping warm.
Well silly here is well and warm, although I do seem to be sleeping a lot lately, I guess it's just me hibernating. I'm just like a grizzly bear come winter and I hate to be cold. Every year we have a big winter bill as I simply refuse to be cold. I stopped worrying about the bill years ago. I figure that as I don't spend money on myself and I now neither drink or smoke, It's a luxury I can afford.
I would love a log burning stove, but we live 7miles from the centre of London and therefore we are in a smoke free zone and the council won't give me permission to have one unless it's a smokeless one and we have to burn smokeless fuel. So that would make it almost as expensive to run, so what would be the point.

I still haven't been out as such, the boys took me to the supermarket, but other than that I have been nowhere, other than my own imagination. My sister won't be over tomorrow and I haven't seen her since Christmas day. I am missing her and her daft ways always make me laugh. The pavements are still really icy where she lives and not a lot better here.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I am bored to the number 99.99999999999 recurring. But it'll pass, maybe it's like Nutty keeps saying to me and that it's just the January Blues. But I'm bored of the snow and being stuck in.

Weighed myself today, shouldn't have bothered really as I knew it would be a disappointment.
You see there was this big big bag of Twigglets and they kept calling me from the kitchen....eat me! eat me! eat me! go on you know you want to.! So I did, all of them, lol.
Oh well they are gone now. Before you shake your head at me, in my defence I did try to give them away to the boys, but they refused to rescue me from my dilemma.
So due to the Twigglet debacle, (oh ok, my lack of will power) I have only lost a pound. Still it's one less to carry around.

On another note. Patricia wants to come home. Yippee!!! But she doesn't want to come home! But she does want to come home, but she doesn't.........the kid is driving me nuts.
I have decided that she can come home any time she so wishes, but I am not going to pack up my craft room and move everything about until she darn well makes up her mind!!!!!!!
Blooming kids, there's nothing I would not do for them, but seriously they have to know what they want before I will turn the house upside down for them.
I'm just glad we didn't decorate it yet. This way she can just slot back into it with all her pretty pink things.

Funny thing about Patricia, when she was growing up she hated pink. It was partly my fault as I didn't really want her to she Pink as the colour of femininity. So many people get wrapped up in believing Pink is for girls and I wanted my daughter to be an individual.
Now I find that someone has come up with a campaign against pink called pink stinks wish I had thought of this 21yrs ago. It really is right up my street.
Anyway for 19yrs I managed to keep her away from the dreaded pink, then when two years ago we decorated the house, she asked for a pink room. A total shock to me and I got the colours for her. Now when she is here it's like a pink palace in there. But I am pleased to report that blue and yellow remain her favourite colours.

Anyway, I will keep you up to date on whether or not she returns home.

Much love
Lia xx


  1. I know all about the hibernation! I've been wanting to take a nap like everyday lately...some days I allow myself to and some I just push on :)

    What the heck is a Twigglet?! Sounds interesting...haha.

  2. I was going to ask the same thing, what are twigglets? Sounds like some kind of cake but could be totally wrong. As for bordom, I know what you are talking about after having 3 snow days last week. And day time tv over here sucks. How can it be I have over 900 channels and there is still nothing but crap on it during the day!

  3. Dunno what a twigglet is--but I do know about food calling to me.......popcorn does that in this house.
    And I'm afraid I respond to popcorn calling me. LOL

    Oh....and definitely pink stinks.
    Just sayin'.....LOL

  4. Hey Lia, don't beat yourself up about a packet of Twiglets. It's better to lose weight slowly, and, when you can, combine it with excercise to bet into shape too. Take your time; it took a while to put it on, you can take a while to take it off.

  5. Twiglets aren't fattening! Well at least not in comparison to crisps calorie for calorie.
    I can't walk my dog this morning, we have more snow that we know what to do with but the 6 inches is now so compacted it's a complete ice rink out there.
    I had a summer 6 years ago when weirdly my handbag went pink followed by everything in it, purse, wallet, glasses case. It was extremely strange, I'm better now I have a purple bag!!!

  6. A pound is a pound! Slow and steady that's the way.

    Thank you for the soup recipe. It is simmering away nicely as I type. you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a recipe for a traditional pea-soup using a hock so your recipe was perfect. Well, I'll let you know later what it tastes like!!
    And as I was making the soup and planning on taking some to my unlce I thought I mighth as well make some sultana bread as well as he'd enjoy a piece of that ... so that's going to help my diet no end too!!

  7. Oh! I'm not Neil! I'm Liz! xx


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