Thursday, 7 January 2010

Random Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

I hope your all well today. I'm fine but snowed in on the hill again and the children refuse to take me out in it as I fell over so many times in February '09. I think I told you all before that I went out with daughter and No 2 son, who ordered me home after I kept falling over. I did say that I would get snow boots for the next snow storm. Well I didn't and so they won't let me out.

Horrid kids, will feed them vegetables for dinner Mwhahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Here's some random thoughts that are buzzing round my head.......yes! yes! I know thinking is bad for me, but sometimes I just can't help myself!!!!!!!

I wish Bear would come in the house and stay. Bear has been found a couple of times under the dinning room table, but the minute he spots one of us he is up and running. Despite all the recent cold, he is looking really well now. It's taken us a long time to get him into shape, but he has filled out a treat and his coat is glossy and thick. But I worry about him out there in all this snow. We really do believe that he is a stray as he calls on us so often during the day, sometimes up to 5 times for a feed that if he was doing that and eating else where he would be huge. We know he sleeps in a shed in one of our neighbours gardens. Maybe one day Misty and Bear will get along and he will feel more confident about coming into a warm home.

What is it with me and watching the Jeremy Kyle show (British version of Jerry Springer). What is wrong with me that I like to watch car-crash TV...I really need to get out more!!!!!!!!

Why do all my friends keep telling me about how much they had to drink over Christmas?
I'm almost tee-total and not one bit interested in how drunk they got?
The obsession British folks have with drink is shaming us all. Everybody wants to talk about how smashed they got and how they can't remember any thing. I'm so not interested!!!!!!

Am I the only one sick of seeing the cash for gold adverts....people are only buying your gold because the banks are buggered. What happens when the gold price drops because the market is flooded.

Is it too early in the year to be planning the summer camping trips?

Why is the £20, that I can't find and keep looking for still bugging me 3 weeks later?

Why is this country almost at a standstill because of the snow?

What new skill am I going to try to take up this year? I don't do resolutions at the new year as it leds to failure for me, instead I do "take ups". Basically I take up a new skill or a challenge. One year it was to read two books a month. I have lapsed a little on that one, but still mostly do it.

I'm I weird for getting excited about flat-pack furniture? I love making it up!!!!!!!

Why do some weight sites say I am a large frame or that I am morbidly obese and others say I am a medium frame and overweight? note to self.....listen to the doctor!!!!!! she said lose 3stone.

What am I going to make that lot for dinner tonight? Oh yeah I remember vegetables!!!!!!

Well that's it for today, am off to peel a ton weight of veggies now Mwhahahaha!!!!

Much love

ps, stupidly forgot to post this when I finished it. Told you thinking is bad for me!!!!


  1. You get those ads on tv about buying your unwanted gold too. I hate those commericals and wonder if anyone really does that especially since there are enough places around here that I can walk into and sell it in person. Not that I have any gold that I would sell.
    Oh and at this house, fixing just veggies would be a punishment, especially if I made things like squash,and brussel sprouts.

  2. Hi there Lia,
    I can't stand those sell your gold adverts. .... especially the new one with the dart player. Yuk.
    I'm so glad that you like James @ Man of the 50's.
    He is the only male blog that I follow.
    Make sure you stay in. We can't have you falling over.
    Keep warm and standing upright, Lia.!! XXXX

  3. Oh, I celebrate that I'm not the only flip flopping brain out here.
    <-- chronic thinker

    And I say as long as you're down there anyway--make snowangels and tell 'em ya MEANT to be down there.
    Just a thought....

    We have those silly advertisments for selling your gold (or so himself tells me). More reason to step away from the television.

    Well--that and the llama song. *laughing*

    Cuz......Here's a llama, there's a llama and another little llama; fuzzy llama; funny llama; llama llama; duck; llama llama; cheesecake; llama; tablet; brick; potato; llama; llama llama; mushroom; llama llama llama; duck...

    Practice, practice, practice!! :-D

  4. I can't believe you guys are being bombarded by the cash for gold commercials too!! I hate them as well. First of all, who has all that old gold sitting around?? Secondly, they give you a pittance for it. I hope no one is suckered in by all that.


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