Friday, 8 January 2010

Hello Everyone,

I almost forgot this; If he had lived the great Elvis would have been 75 today.
Much over the years has been said about Elvis and I really don't want to add anything to it all.
Except to say that if I ever had to choose 10 songs only to listen to for the rest of my life this one would be one of them. It's simply beautiful and his voice is so wonderful on this song. It is with out doubt my favorite Elvis song
I choose this video not because it is one of the better made for YouTube, but rather for all the great photos of him.

Rest In Peace Elvis


  1. I was going to leave a witty comment ( well I can dream can't I?) but got carried away playing with the bubble wrap instead, very satisfying.

  2. aww lia elvis really was the king ingfact no he is the king and i really beleive that i was born in the wrong wera because i never got to throw my knickers at him(or a rose for that matter), instead i had to make do with throwing a rose at jason donavon at the tender age of 12 :\ comparrison really.

    beautiful song and oh m,y what beautiful eyes he had, i think i shall now spend the rest of today listening to the king :-D xx

  3. That is one of my favourites too.

  4. P.S. How young is Nutty?!!!!

  5. lol nutty is 33 and probably has the worst spolling in the world ;-)

  6. I told you all that Nutty was Nutty, now do you believe me.
    Nutty be honest your 33 going on 17 lol. Your the maddest woman on the planet and I love you xx

    Liz,Nutty is just the best tonic in the word and a terrible spooler!!!

    Fire Byrd, the bubble wrap can take over your life, I have lost hours to Nice to see you here, thanks for coming.

    much love

  7. Ohh we love Elvis Lia...I answered your question on the cake, I knew your boys would love it...I did some research and found that instead of a bundt or tube pan you can use the following:

    Two 8x4x2–1/2-inch loaf pans
    9x3-inch angel food cake pan
    9x3-inch springform pan

  8. I listened to the song here and looked at the photos. Wow! I agree that this is one fantastic song and no one could sing it as well as Elvis did.

    Thanks for treating me to this awesome song for my soul and gorgeous pictures for my eyes.

    Have a great weekend, Lia.

  9. Is this where I duck and run for cover? LOL

    I never was much of an Elvis fan--though there are some tunes that are just 'his' and he does then very well.

    I was rather fond of Frank...and Johnny Mathis. I blame my father who used to listen to 'Big Band' music on Sunday mornings and jitterbug with my step-mother in the kitchen. *laughing* They were so corney it was cute!

  10. Thanks, Lia, for reminding me: I had forgotten about Elvis' birthday. Now I shall find my Elvis CDs for a bit of an afternoon concert.

  11. Dear Lia,
    I'm so sorry but, I seem to have missed a few of your posts. I don't know what happened there.
    Well, I was never a big Elvis fan...wait for gasps of disapproval to die down !!!!
    He rather got left behind as The Beatles were my life !!
    I can appreciate that he was great and a wonderful entertainer, though.


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