Friday, 8 January 2010

Why Panic, When The Media Can Do It For Us!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I think I may have to lie down in a darkened room for the rest of the day.
The reason for this is the BBC, yes that wonderful British Institution, we all love so much.
I really have come to the conclusion that we have become a nation of media lead zombies and common sense has taken a holiday, maybe it's off in Greenland on a golfing trip with the Gulf Stream.

This is the latest madness from the BBC. Just this morning they said

Don't go out and panic buy as it will lead to shortages, however due to the cold weather many isolated farms are unable to get their milk to market, so if the weather continues there could be shortages of Monday.
(The National Union Of Farmers are saying this is not true, there is plenty of milk in storage and it is in fact only the very, very isolated farmers who are having this problem)

Super markets are running out of food, due to panic buying (which I believe the BBC may have started last week by telling us all that food would run out at supermarkets if the weather got too bad!!!!!)

We are running out of gas, due to a (stupid) Government. (Nothing to do with selling all our gas and oil stocks from the North Sea back in the 1970s..check out Norway they didn't sell theirs and they are doing really well)

We are seriously running out of grit, due to councils not ordering in enough or not using it correctly. Now the Government have taken it over and are rationing it.
Come summer there will be floods, this is due to all the salt and grit being put on the roads, as it won't wash away easily and will block drains. Therefore leading to floods when we get heavy summer storms.

Oh and lastly, the recession will last longer now due to all the money being lost as people can't get into work.

Now none of these are actual reports, they are the stupid talk between the presenters.
The milk one comes from the man who reports on the financial world, who happens to have a brother-in-law on an isolated farm, who can not get his milk picked up due to the isolation of his farm.

These people are paid a stupid amount of money for what amounts to reading the news and telling a story. We over here have to pay a stupid license fee of £142:50 per year for the privilege of having the BBC even if you don't watch their programs, but have a T.V.
The very lest I expect them to do is to REPORT THE NEWS and READ THE FACTS. Not make up stupidness as they go along to fill in time.

On the other side they showed us all how to dress up against the bad weather, what ever next, lessons in how to breathe and blink!!!!!!!!!!!
Mind you it's not all doom and gloom, as sales of condoms have gone up since the bad weather came what do you suppose they use them for apart from the obvious, am sure if I watch TV for long enough today some smartypants on the telly will tell me!!!!!!


  1. I agree completely, its not really news anymore, its entertainment!And not very good at that!

  2. Your last comment reminds me of last year's wind storm and most people lost their electric. Some for over a week. 9 months later there was a 'baby boom' in the area which made the local news.

  3. James, I totally agree, talk about dumbing down.

    Mamma, I was only just thinking this afternoon that there would be a baby boom come September.

    Much love

  4. I love the weather channel over here....NOT. They've botched it up a number of times this winter already--but I think they're in a conspiracy with the grocery store anyway.

    Silly people.....

    Himself was amused with the amount of 'stuff' I kept in the freezer and pantry.
    After his first winter here--he got it. *laughing*

    There's a reason there's 10lbs of coffee in this house, sitting there 'in case'.
    One cannot run out of staples! is a staple. :-P

    Stay warm.......and step away from the television!! LOL

    <-- will make a snowangel today in my -13/-32 windchill

    Cuz I can! ;-)


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