Friday, 22 January 2010

Tall and Short Of It.

Hi my lovelies,

What have you all been up to today. I have done very little, sleep seems to be top of my list of things to do at the moment. I'm blaming the grey skies for that.
I made up with Callum and we had a chat about things. We both said sorry for being horrid and I think he gets where I am coming from. That and his sister and brother both told him that I'm easier to handle when happy and they joked with him that they had spend a very long time and put in a lot of hard work to bring ME up properly and just 'cos he is the youngest didn't mean that he could ruin all their endeavours. And; besides his job was to let me kiss and cuddle him, it is his job as he is the youngest. So we all ended up laughing and poor little Callum had to endure my kissing and cuddling of his 6ft 4in self.

I also cottoned on to something today that made me laugh.
The beautiful Patricia always stands away from Callum. So if they are in the kitchen she will be one side of it and he will be on the other side, if he moves, she moves and they sort of dance round the kitchen in this manner. I have always found it odd but never thought to question it.
Today the penny dropped. You see Patricia is very tiny, I know I have said this before but she really is tiny and can still buy clothes for 13yr old girls and I am often asked to adjust clothing to fit her. Patricia is about 5ft 2in. Where as Callum is unbelievebly tall, he is the tallest of the kids.

Patricia stands away from Callum so that she can make eye contact with him with out having to strain her neck to look up to him. When I mentioned this they all laughed and Patricia was as red as a beetroot. Callum thought it highly amusing and said to her

"Ha ha your so small you have to look up to ME, my BIG sister has to look up to ME!" to which she replied,
"Listen squirt, I don't care how TALL you grow, you'll always be my LITTLE brother"

I like the banter between the kids and am pleased that it never goes beyond banter. They are all rather good natured towards one another. I have seen some of my friends kids get totally out of hand with their siblings both verbally and physically and I don't understand parents that allow it.
There are plenty of people outside the home who will be mean to you for no apparent reason, why would you have it inside your home. It makes no sense to me, after all shouldn't people teach their children to respect others and surely it starts at home by learning to respect your own family.

My mother taught me that you only get out of kids what you put into them, which still makes me laugh, as I had a terrible relationship with my mother. In fact after 3days with her I had to leave or it would end up in a disaster, with one or the other of my brothers having to come and get me and take me home. So I got it down to, arrive day one, late in the day. Spend day two with her, but go to bed early. Day three leave ......early, by lunch time at latest. It worked out ok for us. So if you know anyone in a difficult relationship with their mother, feel free to pass on my top tip for getting along with them over three days enforce time sharing.

Much love


  1. Very touching story about your children. I am going to try your tip with my mother in law!

  2. Sorry my mother has passed on and my MIL lives close by. But I don 't visit her that much. She is one of those old women who was mean before she was old, and is even meaner now that she is old.
    Glad that you are talking to the son again. Really does help when you talk about the problem in the first place, but of course after everyone calms down from it.

  3. Ah, well--I grew up without a mom so .... But the two kiddos I have in my life grew up pretty typical. He can pick on his big sister, nobody else dare....she can tell him what's what but she'll always always protect and love him no matter what. Yup--they bicker and quibble with the best of the rest. But they're joined at the heart, which is a good thing. A very good thing.

    I'm glad you and the kiddos ironed out what needed ironed out. And life goes on, eh?

    I had to chuckle at your remark about the wild turkeys--himself pulls that line on me quite frequently.

    Enjoy the weekend, ma'am!

  4. It's hilarious that Patricia kept herself at a distance from Callum so she wouldn't get a stiff neck looking up at him. It certainly makes sense. In fact, when my husband wants to kiss me when we stand facing each other, I usually resist and it's because it hurts my neck to bend it back so far.

    You and your son remind me soooo much of my son and I. We're too much alike and so we clash. Not so much anymore but we've had plenty of disagreements and neither one of us wants to back down. My husband is dismayed by my arguments with Jared. Too bad for him, I need to stand up for myself.

    I know you agree with me.

  5. Oh this post resonates!
    I always remeber a mother saying to me how well mannered my eldest son was and saying her's wasn't they were about six at the time. And I remember then thinking its the parents that train the kids not the other way round!
    And what you do with your mother I used to do with my Dad, that way I wouldn't want to kill him and he thought it was marvellous that I'd visited, but mine was all done in one day!


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