Sunday, 24 January 2010

If The Mood Takes Me!

Hello my lovelies,
Did you all have a nice Sunday. I decided to get busy in the kitchen and bake biscuits. Will put up a photo and the recipe tomorrow. I made them with polenta and they are rather nice.

If I look half as good as this at 53, I think I will parade around in my underwear too, should the mood take me.
Kim Cattrall was in one of our papers over here this week and I was totally shocked by the way the female reporter spoke about her. This reporter seems to have not realised that one day way, way, way, sooner than she expects she to will be a woman of 53.
No matter what any one else thinks, to be honest, I think she looks amazing and very sexy.
What is it with the World that as soon as a woman hits 40-45 we are all suppose to wear twin set and pearls, start knitting, drink coco and go to bed early. Nothing wrong with any of those, if that what a woman wants.

Heaven forbid that we have opinions, options and our own money.
Oh and ladies don't even think about talking unless you want to be patronised and patted on the head. Why is it when a woman turns 40 she goes from being addressed as Miss, to being called Madam?

If you look this good or even feel as great as Kim seems to in these photos you can rest assured that you could give any young pretender to the throne a run for her money.
I'll admit, if I had her money and I was paid to look this good it would influence me to drag my wobbly bits to the gym, but regardless of my tardiness when it comes to the gym if I feel sexy and vibrant I'm sure as hell going to show it off, should the mood take me. Although I will be wearing more clothes, it could get cold out there and I might have to go to Wal-Mart or Asda as we call it here, don't fancy being up in their rouges gallery!!!!

The reporter goes on to call Kim middle-aged. See what I mean about patronizing. Kim at 53 does in fact fit into the box labelled "middle-aged" if you feel so inclined to shove women into boxes and stick labels on them, by why is her age even an issue?
What is it about women that we must go around shredding each other to bits and sticking labels on each other. Am I the only one to notice how it is always younger women that feel the need to deride an older woman?

We are so much more than daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, co-worker.
Despite what we are told we really can't have it all, well not all at once anyway. I think you can have different things at different times of your life and if you have been way too busy raising a family, going to work and running the home, you might not have had the time, money or energy to have been able to invest in the woman of your dreams.

But if like so many women you have run the gauntlet of raising a family, going to work and running your home, you may just now have the YOU time, you have so longed for.
It won't stop you being the wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt , co-worker but it might just give you the chance to be the YOU , You want to be.

Women have come along way from where we were just a few short decades ago. Even in my life time. For crying out loud unmarried women couldn't even get the contraception pill until 1967 in this country.
When I look at how much our lives have changed when compared to our Grandmothers and Mother, when I think about all the things that I can do or that my daughter can do, I am so very proud of all those so called middle-aged women who having achieved the impossible of pushing water up a hill while juggling, work deadlines, school reports, and home making somehow find the time to be their selves and follow their own dreams for a while, making it so much easier for me to follow in their footsteps and find my own path I want to shout from the tallest building in the World "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

So quite frankly while most of us won't achieve a body like Kim Cattrall, due in part to the fact that we don't have an airbrush tool to help us out, I do celebrate the fact that because there are so many vibrant, sexy, wonderful women out there doing their thing and loving it. As it means should the urge ever take me to parade around in my underwear, middle-aged or not I can bloody well do it.

I'm very lucky in that most of my girlfriends are older then me (expect Nutty, who is younger than me) not only that but while I have been blogging I have found some amazing and inspiring women to look up to and these women are showing me a path that was never available to my mother and Grandmother.
Younger women should do well to remember that one day when they aren't looking, they to will fall into the box labelled MIDDLE-AGED. I just hope for their sakes that they can find at lest one sexy vibrant, "if I want to parade in my underwear" woman to help them find the path to finally having the time to be who they want to be.

Much love


  1. Whoa.

    She's 53? Seriously......whoa....

    *checking out my wares*
    Yeah, well.....I don't particularly wanna parade 'round in my underthings, but I like having the 'freedom' to do that should I desire...which I don't. I mean--is this where I confess that NONE of my underthings look like the photo above? Ummmm....none of 'em. Well, I guess I do have 'black'--but not like THAT black. *laughing*

    Lemme just say this and see if I can wade out of that mess I just created. LOL I don't know what my 'mother' went through, so I have very little to use as a measuring stick. And truly, I'm not a 'conformist'--quite the opposite, actually. I'm the 'hell no, I won't go and you can't make me' type. I'm afraid I'da been in a world of hurt had I been bourne in another century. As is, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the limitations others seem to wanna place on me or around me. Just another speedbump to whiz over and go 'wheeeeeeeeee' when I go airbourne! :-)

    Geeze--she has very pretty underthings....LOLOL

  2. I have to confess that photo got my attention. But the points you make in your post are good ones. One of the things I love about my "middle- aged" wife is that she is just as confident with her physical self as when we were first married.

  3. I have to say...she does look AMAZING for her age, but the thing that caught my attention in this post was the biscuits made with polenta! Haha. I can't wait to see them and try them!

  4. Hi Lia,
    Sorry if I've missed any of your posts. My computer is playing up.
    Kim looks bloody good... and if she wants to show it all off, then good for her, although, I do think, like many celebrities, she is seeking out compliments to satisfy a need in herself, and Kim is one who likes to shock as well. It's a bit like some bloggers...... seeking praise and confirmation that they are good people (excluding present company of course).
    Great post and hi five to you. Give us oldies some recognition. I'm loads older than you, by the sounds of it, and there's still life in this old dog yet !! XXXX

  5. She's great, I love the character she played in Sex and the City! I know the history and all, but as a "middle aged" woman I have never felt less or labeled..., but I'll let you know when the first person calls me Madam!!


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