Monday, 17 January 2011

Direction........ Lost

Hello Lovelies,

As some of you know I'm a little bit obsessed with sea-glass and recently discovered that there is a growing market for sea-pottery, as sea-glass is running out. Mind you that does greatly depend on who you are talking to, as I have no worries finding it and I think it's a case of word of mouth.
I'm going to go off to Cornwall camping this Spring, as I have found out about a couple of really good beaches where you can find good quality sea-glass. I would tell you about them but I am sworn to hold the secret till my death or old age which ever comes first. Mind you there's no guarantee that I won't get dementia and blurt it out.

I meet a really nice man digging a big hole down by the tide lines of a beach who was doing what they call "bottling". It's a bit of an odd thing to do, but you can dig up bottles and all sorts of ceramics dating back to the 16Th century. There are places along the Thames River were there are heaps and heaps of this stuff just buried a few feet down ready for the taking.

Basically what happened was that for hundreds of years London's rubbish was taken down the Thames and dumped along the shores further down. Now people go along and dig it up and I have also found some great bits that have simply washed up on the shore.
I go mostly for the sea-glass as you can imagine not all bottles, glass and ceramics survived intact and often after a storm or a big dig you get a lot washed up. Which is good for me as I can add to the collection. The banks of the Thames River are very muddy and I don't do mud, unless I am camping in Wales lol.

Back to the man in the hole...anyway he told me about a really quite and remote beach a long way down the Thames River that is very remote and quiet. So following his advice I went in search of it, after that is swearing in blood to never tell publicly where it is or how I found it.
I did indeed find it, wasn't easy but I eventually did, Aided and abetted by my sister "E" who seems to be totally dyslexic when it comes to reading a map or directions. At one point she had it upside wonder I went around in circles for 2hrs.

We got lost....a lot,..... a hell of a lot. However some times getting lost isn't actually getting lost, it's just life redirecting you to a place you would never have thought of going to. As was the case when in December 2010, we set out to find this secret beach.
Instead we found a place that is so utterly charming and beautiful.

We took these photos while there and I will tell you more about it in another post soon.

We did eventually find the beach and I am off down there tomorrow, as we have had some storms of late and there will be a fair amount washed up on the beach if I am lucky.

Much love


  1. Can I just point out how romantic-sounding it is that you are searching for sea glass along a secret beach in England??? Can I come?!?

    The closest I can come to that here is looking for washed up beer cans along the stinky shores of the Great Salt Lake. Bah humbug.

  2. Agree with Omgirl, not much finding sea glass around here either and the Ohio River is so poluted you really don't want to get in or near it.
    Your pictures make the place look so romantic and the perfect week-end retreat, if it wasn't so far away...

  3. It's so wonderful to read your words again. I've missed them so, so much. You've always something interesting to write about and you're so good at expressing your thoughts and feelings. You have a super sense of humor and it comes out fabulously in your posts.

    Will you use the sea glass in your jewelry making?

    I love your thoughts regarding getting lost, that it's not really getting lost, only being redirected to a place one might not have seen otherwise.

    Your photo is intriguing. I look forward to more. Good luck tomorrow in your search for treasures.

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  5. OH my gosh I'm so in love with the little place you discovered. What awesome photos. WOW.

    And I think I'd be content with digging in the sand and finding broken whatever!
    Yes....I'm easily amused. LOLOL

    I love sea glass.....the feel alone is wonderful.


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