Thursday, 20 January 2011



Today's post is just for you. For being such a lovely Lady, my friend and just because you are you. And; I am still flatly refusing to believe you are the age you admit to. No one as vibrant as you should be defined by numbers, it's simply rude!!!!!!

I do hope that the Butler is looking after you. Yeah I know that he is Gerard Butler, but he owed me a couple of favours and I called them in. I mean after all what girl wants one of those stuffy old fashion types of butlers, when you could have Gerard for a few hours!!!!

I do hope you like the flowers, but come on girl get your glad rags on.

Knowing how much you enjoy a sweeping staircase I ordered this one in especially for you. Only you are allowed to sweep up and down it all night long if you want. But do be careful if you decide to slide down the rail. Oh it's okay to do it as Gerard will catch you at the bottom. Promise. Now that's going to be irresistible now isn't it...........go on I dare you!!!!!

As you are such a popular girl I had an enormous table laid out for you on the beach, (I know you love to be outdoors) so that every body you know can join you on this your special day.

These guys will cook anything your little heart desires. You name it and they can make it for you. Oh the joys of the blogsphere where all your dreams can come true.

In the meantime Gerard will be happy to open your champagne, only the best pink champagne for you my darling and while you sip away on it, you can also read The Times with the headlines for the day you were born.

I baked you a cake, well because it simply wouldn't be a birthday without a cake don't you know.
And; as I am still not believing your age I decided to put roses on it instead of candles.
I do seem to remember Shakespeare saying "A rose by any other name is still a candle"

When the party is over I hope you will enjoy sleeping in this lovely room with it's wonderful French feel to it and I hope you have the sweetest dreams

To help you relax I have told Gerard that he must draw you a bath, in order for you to completely relax.......because......

Tomorrow you are off to this delightful retreat by a lake with a boat as I know you like to go out on lakes and fish lol. Well if nothing else it might help the juices to flow so that you can carry on with your creative writings.

Have a wonderful day Shaddy and you know that if I could really do this for you I would.

Much Love

visit Shaddy at Paper Cut Screams she's lovely, adorable and I'm proud to say my friend.


  1. Awwwwww....what a kindly and loving thing.

    I admit I was doing just fine with all those spiffy gifts, being happy FOR her......and then the bathtub happened. LOL I grew up with clawfoot bathtubs and they are the BEST!

    No worries--I stopped drooling long enough to stop over at her cozy spot to wish her good things!

    Lemme do that twice-- Happy HAPPY Birthday wishes to you, Shaddy! :-)

  2. A party in my honor? What a treat and what a blast!! I've always adored the parties you throw here and now look what you've done. You've created a divine day for me and I've sincerely enjoyed every part of it.

    I can imagine myself into every picture and feel the joy of it all. You're divine creativity, delightful humor and sense of the good life has greatly entertained me. All the personal touches you've included here prove that you've paid close attention to my life as I've presented it on my blog. That's priceless stuff, my friend.

    By golly. This has got to be my best birthday ever!!!!

    Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. On my computer at home, I couldn't get the picture of Butler to show up. Here at work, I can. OMG. I'm happier than ever!


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