Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Looking For Unicorn Teeth.

Hello Lovelies,
Hope your all well today.
It's been a good day here in my mad hormonal life.

Kitten (Patricia) as I said before (I think) has been out of work for a few months now and has been fairly fed-up with it all. She started a course on Monday set up by the job-centre and something to do with the Government.
By yesterday at at2:30 I received a text saying "Woohoo I've got a JOB! X" (she always puts a kiss at the end of a text). It's such good news for her.

Okay, so it's not a great job and under normal circumstances she wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. But as she put it, it's better have a job and work, then look for a job while she has a job.
Kitten will be working in a warehouse distributing luxury fashion goods. In many ways it's up her street as she is young and funky and has expensive tastes. It will be starting at the bottom but the chances to rise in the company are good.

We had a small nightmare today mind you, as Kitten has to have safety boots with steel toe caps. However as I have said before, she is tiny and that includes her feet. Despite the fact that women do work in industries that require safety boots it's like trying to find Unicorn teeth. She was meant to start on Monday, but having spoken to the woman running her course and being so upbeat about the job, the woman phoned the company this morning and then got a reply saying that they would like Kitten to start tomorrow (Thursday) at 7am. Not a problem........much.

I spent ages on the computer and the phone trying to find these boots. We got them, however they were on the other side of London. Any one whose ever tried to get to the other side will tell you what a nightmare it is. Even using public transport it can take two hours. We didn't have 2hrs. The shops we needed to go to close at 4pm, they keep construction industry hours. They tend to open at 6:30/7am and close at 4pm.

The nearest person was Francis(with an i), he was 13miles from the store, took him 2 and half hours to get there. Luckily I had phoned ahead and sorted most of it out and left my phone number. They were kind enough to phone me at closing time to find out if Francis (with an i) was just about to walk through the door, they knew they were important to us.
As it was I had just spoken to him and knew he was struggling. I explained where he was and they said he was so near someone would wait at the shop for him. He got there at 5pm and they were true to their word.

Next came the trip home....nightmare for him. as he never got back until 7:45pm. He had ,had to head out to the most famous car park in the whole Universe or to give it it's real name the M25, the motorway that circles London. I managed with traffic updates to get him home another way.
Luckily Kitten rather likes her boots and his favourite football team won tonight, but I don't think he liked the 6hrs driving around and through London.

Lets hope her job goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also today I cooked a big pan of Carrot and butternut soup for my freezer and a massive pan of of spaghetti bolognese. After feeding the boys the spag bol, Kitten took off with 4boxes of spag bol and 4 tubs of soup.
Now I'm going to have to cook it all over again, still at lest she will eat well, so that's one less thing to worry about. Now all I got to do is get her up at 5:30 am for her new job as she is worried she won't get up. I have also just noticed that it is now Thursday lol..

Beginning to think that the hunt for Unicorn teeth might be a tad easier.

Much Love


  1. You surely love your Kitten and so does Francis with an i. She's a lucky girl and I wish her the best with her new job in her new shoes. She better wear them to bed considering all the effort that went into getting them for her!!!

    It's so much fun having you back.

  2. It IS good to have you back amongst us.

    And this Kitten certainly is well loved....the lucky creature.

    Congratulations on your perseverence (and Francis's as well--I'm sure you noted the 'i' appeared cuz it's suppose to!). And Wooooohooooo for a shop that thought about the customer!!!! I'm tellin' ya--they seem to be getting rarer and rarer these days.

    Send 'em a nice little thank you card. It's always nice to be appreciated. :-)

  3. Hi Lia,
    What brilliant news that your daughter has found a job. Not easy in the climate we are in at the moment. It sounds exciting, especially if there are opportunities for her to work her way up. I expect you feel good to know that she is settled as well.
    I mught have to think about commenting in the future as we are Spurs supporters in this house and I do believe that Francis could be an Arsenal fan !!!! hehe. .....I think that I might forgive him though !!!! XXXX

  4. Find it interesting that they close so early. Around here most shops stay open until 9 at night. But more impress at how long it takes to get around London! OUCH! I take it that a walking tour of London would be better than a driving one ;o)
    I too am glad you are back!

  5. Holà Lia,
    good to read these great news about your daughter! and yes, it's already like spring here! :-)

  6. This is great news! Love that she has a new opportunity and new shoes too :) But yeah, it sounds like the hunt for the Unicorn teeth may have indeed been easier.

  7. Holy Cow! The London traffic sounds horrendous! We call late afternoon traffic "rush hour" because everyone's headed home at the same time.
    I avoid being on the road during those hours.
    Your Francis is a hero for taking on such a task!

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